@martijnbraam Looking good! Is this still with significant post-processing?

Excellent! So this is with the megapixels camera app? Are you doing the white balancing on the phone or exporting to a computer?

@kelbot It's with megapixels, whitebalance done in darktable on the exported DNG

That is just amazing! That camera when it first came out was not good but now.. wow!

@martijnbraam Are you using your Pinephone as a daily driver yet? 🙂

@dflag84 I keep switching my sim between my android phone and the pinephone

@martijnbraam Haha! me too! Can't wait to keep it in the PinePhone!

@martijnbraam Wow, I'm impressed with the camera tbh. Can't wait to preorder the KDE convergence model in December.

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