Progress in Megapixels on qualcomm phones. Now my issue is the kernel oopsing on camera capture

@carrabelloy it's phosh running on a Motorola Osprey on postmarketOS

Running postmarketos edge & megapixels can't upgrade due to imagemagic dependency. Where's best place to report this, or do I just wait?

@martijnbraam so, I have this slightly older handset (the 2014 version) - is there any chance of a mere mortal of toying with things on that handset, even though the pmos wiki page for it lists most things as broken or unmentioned? Like, what are the odds that work on other handsets ended up into the kernel and this handset benefits from that? Just wondering, it's not like I expect it to be daily driver material. ;)

@doenietzomoeilijk The moto G3 is pretty easy to make a good port for because it has the MSM8916 SoC (snapdragon 410) in it, which is well understood and supported. The 2014 model seems to have MSM8226 (snapdragon 400) which doesn't seem to have any mainline work at all, so it would be quite hard to get working.

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