@martijnbraam YESSSSSS so when this merges I can install straight to emmc and it should be good?

@peregrine well first flash u-boot to the SPI and then you can load compatible distro's from eMMC, nvme and SD

@martijnbraam oh shit the wiki is updated!! Nice I will do that

@martijnbraam is there a soldering iron fixing post on the forum or something somewhere? Just so I can asses my relative risk here :P

@peregrine it's basically shorting out the data lines to the SPI chip so it can't be read. If needed it can probably be done by poking it with a screwdriver correctly.

@martijnbraam The PineTab is _also_ a sweet machine. Those pine64.org people are on a ROLL!

@martijnbraam so, there's some work going on over at void for getting 5.9 packaged, and there's some more patches there that haven't been merged. Are they really not needed anymore? github.com/void-linux/void-pac for reference.

@jcgruenhage it's the bare minimum to get a good working experience, haven't really noticed any of these issues. I'd rather wait until this stuff gets fixed in upstream linux than to bolt a ton of patches to the kernel.

@martijnbraam Well, I've looked through them and they are 8 pretty small patches, so not sure this counts as "a ton of patches" but if these are for issues you've never run in to, I do see your point obviously.. ooi: May I link your reply here in the PR over there (github.com/void-linux/void-pac)?

@jcgruenhage also a nice thing is that the only patch I currently use is from linux-next, so it will most likely be gone by 5.10

@martijnbraam wer für ein Linux unbedingt ein neues Laptop braucht. Mir reicht, mein Lenovo ThinkPad dafür muss ich mir kein Pinebook holen. Dasselbe Bieten sie für UBorts auch schon an. Viel Spaß damit

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