@martijnbraam are you sure the focus zone is 80x50? I would expect a 4:3 aspect ratio and some (unreputable) sources claim 80x60, e.g github.com/ZenfoneArea/android

also on the focus zone--why would it be downscaled? none of the documentation I've been able to find mention this (it treats the focus zone like a fixed-size window whose center can be specified), and it seems like scaling before detecting focus would limit the ability to see whether focus is really correct

regardless, thanks so much for all your work!

@migratory oh yeah it's 80x60, that's what I get for not double checking.

I understood from the documentation I found that it was scaled. It being cropped makes way more sense yes.

@martijnbraam stop it. I won't have any reason to NOT buy it 😂

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