Image quality improvements for the rear camera. This is getting somewhere :)

@martijnbraam Looks surprising but does the sensor area have a 4:3 ratio?

@lanodan yes, most sensors are actually 4:3, most phones just default to a 16:9 crop

@martijnbraam it's already better than the camera of my j5nlte back when I had the Stock ROM running on it

I'm curious... what image processing are you running over the raw sensor data? White balance and noise reduction?

@Blort in this picture heavy white balancing, fixing the black level and exposure and saturation.

I have a newer version of the .dng writer already that writes the correct colors so white balancing isn't needed anymore.

And what about noise reduction? I'm wondering if we could do something like capturing 3-5 successive frames, aligning them and then using the median color value to get noise reduction over time instead of space, and remove the "oil painting effect"? I imagine that this world take quite a bit of processing power, but maybe with a background process separate from the UI and some form of GPU acceleration (magically applied with hand-waving 😜) ?

@Blort that's exactly what the code in the hdr-plus repository does :)

Oh... nice! Well, here's hoping we can find a #FOSS version that actually compiles!

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