@mcol it works in general, the specific game here is armagetronad

@martijnbraam Then again, why wouldn't it? The Steam controller is just supported by the Linux kernel no? Should work just as well as any other controller supported by the kernel

@bart ofcourse, but this is the one I have and expected to have to mess with it more than just plugging it in.

@bart @martijnbraam Also, because it's cool. Dors the NT kernel have plug-n-play Steam controller support? How about Wii remote support? Some things are simply just missing in NT. I can't speak for Android, but considering it's so locked down, I can't imagine it having plug-n-play support for much.

@Roboron it probably does, but I think that requires messing with firmware updates on the steam controller? have never got it to work on anything.

@martijnbraam Yes, a firmware update on the steam controller enabled bluetooth, you can install it via Steam. After that, pressing Y while turning on the controller will make it enter bluetooth mode.

@Roboron @martijnbraam It should as long as PinePhone supports BLE. I have played with connecting Steam Controller to Librem 5 almost a year ago already and it worked via cable, wireless dongle and Bluetooth just fine, including keyboard and mouse emulation.

@martijnbraam but does it work with dongle? Ah, however, I guess it should.
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