It has upgraded ram (2GB -> 3GB) and storage (16GB -> 32GB) along with a USB c hub.

@requiem @martijnbraam Yup. Costs $50 more and you get 3GB vs 2GB RAM, and 32GB vs 16GB eMMC for it. Also comes with a USB-C dock which provides ethernet, 2 USB ports and a HDMI out connector and an extra USB-C port to allow for charging.

@bart @martijnbraam nice.

Do you know if the doc works with the Braveheart edition phones? That would be dope.

I believe all batches prior to this have an issue with display out. So you may have issues with the hdmi out on the hub. Not sure about the other ports.
@bart @martijnbraam

@RandomPhoton @requiem @bart
the dock only works on 1.2a boards like the postmarketOS CE, or it needs a board with the CC fix

@martijnbraam @RandomPhoton @bart ah yeah, I remember something about that fix.

If there is a hub known to work, I’d be willing to get out the iron and give it a go 😁

@martijnbraam I can't wait for mine to ship! Between getting @gnome apps to work on mobile, and @rust being increasingly usable for building #gnome apps it might be time to start becoming a contributor

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