Just tried openarena on the again, now with the usb-c dock I can actually control it :)

@martijnbraam Does that keyboard have a trackpoint? What is it?

@martijnbraam this is really cool if it runs well, but does it? :O I can think of a few scenarios where having a portable "gaming" device would make sense. Openarena is a game I'd actually play on a pc too, and this way I could actually play a quick game in someone's home network. I usually carry a small keyboard and mouse, so all I need is a dock ^^

@vancha it barely runs. the ARM64 build for openarena is very unoptimized, there's no gamecode JIT for example. In this map I mostly get 30fps.

@martijnbraam if it's 30fps average, that would be just about good enough. Not good for being competetive, but it sounds playable.

@martijnbraam I have played a match a half year ago - but bots were killing me fast, I suck at these games so much :D

@dos the trick is playing against players that use a trackpad instead of playing against bots :)

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