Now Phosh 0.4.1 on postmarketOS, it keeps getting better every release :)

How's it working for you? What's the hardware?

@john not as smooth as on the librem 5 demo videos, but it's pretty usable. It's the pinephone.

@martijnbraam Looking forward to running it on my new PinePhone when I get one! :)

Hoping the Phosh devs manage to get to the tablet/desktop UI, those mockups from a while back look so nice

@martijnbraam I keep wanting to get a PinePhone, but I want to when it’s ready for daily driving. But then again I want it now. The constant struggle!

I've just ordered one because its does everything I need it to for my daily phone. Most works: calls, SMS, GPS/maps, internet & hotspot. Camera works in minjaro... the os developers are working hard at getting everything running & solid too.

@Horizon_Innovations @martijnbraam I think my biggest concern is they will make a change to the hardware I’ll want and end up kicking myself for not waiting.

@wylel @Horizon_Innovations With 1.2a we have had a driver running at least once for every component in the phone. What was wrong with 1.2 was one of the CC lines which is used by the anx7688 chip to do usb-c things. This didn't have a driver yet when the 1.2 was shipping. Something something murphy's law.

Now every single component has at least a driver I'm pretty sure we verified this revision of the hardware has no huge design issues anymore.

@martijnbraam @Horizon_Innovations that’s good news atleast. For those that had to get another were they replaced or did they have to be repurchased?

@wylel @Horizon_Innovations the boards are able to be fixed, according to the latest pine64 news post they want to use hackerspaces to fix them.

@martijnbraam @Horizon_Innovations well. I am fine with that at this stage. As long as it can be fixed one way or another it’s a good deal with me.

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