Why do the cookie popups start with "We value your privacy", clearly they don't because they would've just not included the crap.

@lanodan @martijnbraam "we value your privacy. Don't believe us? Just check our privacy policy! Under section 184.2-B we explain how the personal data we've collected about you is a part of our company's valuation and will be sold to the highest bidder in the event of an aquisition!"

@sir @lanodan @martijnbraam Fun thought experiment: every phrase means its opposite.

@greypilgrim not directly no, but I just find it funny websites have a huge popup with literaly the "We value your privacy" as title in which you are asked which things to disable to violate your privacy.

@greypilgrim this is usually also the GDPR violating "everything is on by default and you have the click the 'more' link to manually disable our 100 privacy violations"

@martijnbraam Mm, yes. In this case, I would say the website itself is the problem. Ha. I just have a pet peeve when it comes to technicalities and words.

@martijnbraam Instead of them saying they value our privacy, since they don't by default, they should be honest and say they value giving us options.

@martijnbraam @greypilgrim
some of them got smarter:
They have everything disabled by default, but then there's a big green button titled "enable all and accept"

@martijnbraam Counter-proposal for setting up on your site:

> You value your privacy but we don't. (...)

I bet > 80% of visitors wouldn't notice the difference and accept it anyways.

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