@martijnbraam what kind of USB hub do you use here?
Looks realy nice and practical! 🙂

@karlssons_nicke It's a prototype I got from pine64, has no external markings and no identifying information in the lsusb output.

@martijnbraam OK, maybe something that is possible to buy later then. Thanks anyway. But, maybe just an ordinary hub would work?..

@martijnbraam Do you mind leaking the devices you used except of the Phone? :)

@gcrkrause well this will be dissapointing:

* unbranded type-c hub
* unbranded 1080p 10" monitor
* pixel 2 charger
* pinephone CE with 1.2a board

@martijnbraam I guess its more the opposite, if it works with unbranded, cheap stuff, it might work with any. I was not worried about the monitor, but hubs sometimes make trouble (never had some usb c type, though)

@gcrkrause There's this page: wiki.pine64.org/index.php/Pine which will hopefully contain more hubs in the future :)

Any usb-c hub that uses displayport alt-mode should work in theory

@martijnbraam Oh wow that's snappier than I expected! Looking good! :D

Wish my Braveheart PinePhone could do this, but I may end up getting a 1.2a version later on... want to try this out with my NexDock 2

Just by chance...do you happen to know, where I could find that PostmarketOS wallpaper in the wild? 😇

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