@thenanobel @postmarketOS the idea is that all the projects working on the PinePhone get their CE, ubports was the first one, postmarketOS will certainly be one of them.

@martijnbraam @postmarketOS I see. Is it possible to put postmarketOS on UBports community edition?

@thenanobel @postmarketOS yes, the CE specific part is the logo on the backcover, it's just a regular pinephone and can run any of the distributions that support the PinePhone.

@martijnbraam @postmarketOS Thanks for enlightening me. I'm planning to get a PinePhone when official Replicant/LineageOS support arrives.

@martijnbraam so you are the person I am looking for, Martijn. I am looking for more info about #UBports and @PINE64 #PinePhone. Thanks for making the video!

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