@martijnbraam Awesome! You have to tell me how you experience with it (especially with the software) was.

@bshah @martijnbraam You don't want it, it has a UBports logo on the back 😜

@NeoTheThird @bshah @martijnbraam Oh no, I didn't mean to make you sad 😢 What can I do to make it up to you?


Return of experience ?
I thought the word was used in English too ?

I plan to buy a Pinephone but would appreciate to understand if it's really ready for day-to-day use.

@martijnbraam Ik had er ook één besteld begin April, ben benieuwd wanneer hij binnenkomt, heb verder niks gehoord nog. Kwamen er nog douanekosten bij?

@proycon het hangt er van af of je asendia of dhl hebt gekozen, dhl is een heel stuk eerder binnen, ik moest 46 euro import betalen.

@martijnbraam Dank! Ik heb de default goedkoopste optie gekozen geloof ik, had ik misschien niet op moeten besparen :) We wachten af...

@martijnbraam how's the quality compared to the previous pinephone? I just read this article reviewing a recently received pinebook pro, and they suggest the QA quality was pretty bad for that pinebook pro and that it might be a new systematic issue at pine64 due to the current covid19 thing.


@craftyguy hmm i've had neither of these issues with my PinePhone and pinebook pro, but by pbp is from a batch earlier.

The build quality on my CE PinePhone looks even slightly better than the braveheart. The battery label is fitted better and the display is glued in slightly better.

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