@realcaseyrollins postmarketOS, in this case launching gdm.

somehow it seems to struggle a bit launching gnome shell

@martijnbraam @realcaseyrollins wait, how can that 600mhz get anything like that running at all? :O seems very impressive for a newb.

@vancha @realcaseyrollins

It takes a while, but it runs pretty quick once it's loaded, the more impressive thing is that the n900 only has 256MB ram

@martijnbraam Pinephone dies on GNOME. But nokia doesn't even flinch o.o

I know they are old and discontinued. I've read the characters 'N900' a LOT though. But this is the first time I've seen a foto of one. Those were really nice!


I got the Nokia N810 and loved it. I was hoping to upgrade to the N900 but it was never sold in the local Singapore market.


@sohkamyung Loved my N810, but didn't really like the N900. A close colleague had it, so I had the chance to try it. It was too fat of a phone and the keyboard was inferior to the one from my tablet. Also had the N9 as main phone for many years, that one was a thing of beauty...

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