@martijnbraam I'm hoping yet is the operative word! would put this in my office rack immediately

@martijnbraam Because then sysadmins would have no reason to leave the server room

@martijnbraam There's part of me that loves this idea, and there's part of me that remembers when we almost lost half a rack of servers because one of my coworkers brought a Coke she got from In-N-Out and left it on the top of one. Condensation and and we had literal puddles on a sitting on the case. Still, I'm sure it would be fine. Probably.

@mike it would probably be horrible in a nice climate controlled server room.... but I have a rack at home...

@martijnbraam most expensive cup of coffee after paying royalties to Oracle

@martijnbraam I really like the concept. But who is going to clean it and top it up? Is that the interns job? :)

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