This is how openarena looks fullscreen on the

Next thing to try is putting it on the ofcourse :D

@gudenau yep, the latest kernel, ARM64, in my case it's postmarketOS.

@gudenau this uses the opengl1 backend with the lima open source gpu driver.

@gudenau I'm not sure how high it goes, it does at least openGL 1 and openGL ES 2.0, I think it does some openGL2 stuff.

The lima driver is very much under development.

@martijnbraam IIRC 3 is where it changed the most, so I was not exactly expecting that. But 2 should be decent enough if they have the most used stuff.

@gudenau @martijnbraam ARM devices run OpenGLES rather than full OpenGL to get performance. Applications have to support it explicitely. OpenGL 1 and 2 are just there for compatibilty reasons iirc, don't expect good performance out of them.

@ondra This is the native orientation of the panel, which is a bit annoying, xorg doesn't support rotation yet since this hardware does rotation in a weird way, wayland compositors can rotate it fine but my openarena build doesn't run in wayland.


I have a suggestion ...

I think that

a [KODI + IAGL (Internet Archive Game Launcher) + Retroarch] bundle pre installed and working using the touch screen as gamepad ...

Would be more appealing that this awesome FPS or TuxKart.

PS1: Manjaro for TV boxes - specially Amlogic and Realtek ones, best sold - would be great

PS: Retroarch works better on my Android TV Box than in my Manjaro Desktop and I still do not know why.

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