So got booting on the

Only from SD for now since u-boot is the most annoying part.

@martijnbraam nice work! How does it run? That seems like it would be an ideal setup for me!

@martijnbraam Does it use a custom kernel still or do you use linux-vanilla? Would be nice to run straight up Alpine on that thing!

@bart It's using a mainline kernel with pbp patches, 5.5-rc3 now.

It's in process of being upstreamed though.

@martijnbraam Yeah ok. Can't wait for it to be mainlined enough so it can use a kernel from Alpine!

@bart maybe this kernel should be added to the alpine repo, just like the raspberry pi ones. Then it might be possible to add support in alpine directly.

But pmbootstrap is just so nice :D

@martijnbraam i've seen so many posts about pm on the pinebook pro, but nothing about pm on the original pinebook.

Probably a good fit bc of the lowend hardware. Do you have any insights about somebody working on that or how hard it could be to port it myself?

@JayVii_de it would be a pretty easy port, you can basically copy-paste the port for the A64-lts and have it run on the original pinebook. Only reason it's not in pmos currently is because none of the devs have an original pinebook.

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