@Strit @PINE64 runs pretty good, but I've heard it runs better on the manjaro image so I'd have to try that :D

@martijnbraam @PINE64 maybe. I only tried the easy flatpak install and it runs like crap. But that may be due to using very old mesa 19.2.

Could you please tell more about it?
Did not knew that project


Looks nice actually! 🤩

Is it suitable as a main development computer? Mainly web development - rails, php, JavaScript, typescript, but also a little bit of rust?

@PINE64 @martijnbraam

@kao98 @tuxfanou @PINE64

Should work great, as long as you're not dependent on x86_64 tools

I don't know what is required for rails. But for PHP and JS, there absolutely no problem. Maybe Rust will be hard to compile but not impossible at all. I do some Python and Kotlin (not for Android, SDK not existing on aarch64).

@PINE64 @martijnbraam
Sorry, for Rust I want to say "take a long time to compile", not really hard.
Just because CPU is not an Intel I9. But I love it, my PineBook Pro is better than any cheap (but more expensive) x86 laptop.

@PINE64 @martijnbraam
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