To clarify: I'm building a kernel on it and my CPU is currently hotter than my coffee.

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I've better idea,

let's pour cold water on the device to get even better.

oh come on...
Don't praise me


@bshah I make sure it's flowing manually

but it seems leaky, there's less and less fluid in the system

@bshah fans? you can't see it but there's colorful leds inside!

@kuleszdl I can get it up to 57 degrees when loading it 100%, the cpu is bonded to the case with a thermal pad for heat dissipation

@martijnbraam oh okay, that's fine then. I expected your cup to be hotter and thus feared the aluminium case was not sufficient for passively cooling the rockpro64 at load.

@martijnbraam oh c’mon, not even one joke in the comments that Brexit gives free marketing to BrixIT Computers & Automatisation? xD

@kmicu I have a spike in visitors on my site when brexit stuff is in the news in the Netherlands

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