This also means experimental support for other operating systems. To demonstrate this, i just hacked together a quick-and-dirty config file for #AsteroidOS, and it works! Collaboration, anyone? #communitypower

Here's how I did it:

This is very quick and dirty of course, but if we fetched the checksums automatically, it'd be a very viable solution!

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@NeoTheThird Does this mean that this tool could be used to flash #postmarketos images too?

@jgarciao Yes, definitely! Only problem to start implementing that right away would be that afaik they don't provide prebuilt images (yet?). Putting the entire build chain in the installer would be a little much, but if there was a server with images, that'd be great!

@NeoTheThird Cool!

I think they are working on prebuilt images for the pinephone and maybe other phones.

I'm sure @martijnbraam knows


@jgarciao @NeoTheThird There are currently prebuilt postmarketOS images on

In the future we want to have an installer that's just a nice graphical wrapper about some pmbootstrap components that allows to set user info, a disk encryption password and the DE you want to use and have that written to any of the supported postmarketOS phones.

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