@martijnbraam Sweet :) Looks the same on my device except that I have Waybar installed to display more information, like battery status

@martijnbraam I presume that tablets are available just for developers or is it possible to buy it? Thanks

@lapor @martijnbraam It's being sent to developers.

Still waiting for the thing to arrive though.

@lapor @martijnbraam Oh, forgot to mention that when it's ready, it'll be available for purchase on @PINE64 :)

@danct12 @martijnbraam @PINE64 how is with the bezel. At rhw moment it looks quite huge. I would love to have a libre tablet, to use it for my music control, mails and news. Will @ubports support it?

@lapor @martijnbraam @PINE64 @ubports Support for UBPorts is up to the developers, Pine64 only provides hardware at the most.

As for the bezel, @martijnbraam got hand on his actual unit, so he could tell about it. :)

@danct12 @martijnbraam @PINE64 @ubports yes, this is why I mentioned them with @. Maybe someone will reply 😁

@lapor @danct12 @PINE64 @ubports The bezel is 1.7-2.0cm depending on what side you measure, which is in line with most tablets you can buy

@martijnbraam @danct12 @PINE64 @ubports I hopped it would be a bit smaller, something like pinebook pro. But it will work. Can't wait for some reviews. Thanks

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