Now I have a gaming PC.

I guess it needs a bit more power to boot...

@martijnbraam And I guess the rk3399 needs proper cooling if you want to stress it hard.

@kuleszdl I can get it up to ~50degC without heat sink, I guess it throttles above that.

@martijnbraam Did you read the sensor data or did you measure the temperature externe (e. g. with a infrared thermometer)? 50°C sounds way too low for throttling, doesn't it?

If I understand the datasheet correctly it should work with up to 80°C (page 64):

@kuleszdl it's from the sensors, maybe I should've loaded it longer but I shut it down since it didn't have any cooling

@martijnbraam May want to make sure the RK3399 has better cooling while you're gaming... 😉

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