@martijnbraam I absolutely love how the adapter cables go back in time in terms of style, too!

Current day -> late 90's - mid-00's translucent -> 80's - mid 90's beige -> 70's - early 80's monitor cable :blobheart:

@polychrome They go back in time and up in quality, the last one is a DB9 -> DB25 and it's a solid metal connector with large screws.

@martijnbraam too true~ I do miss that translucent blue aesthetic tho :blobuwu:

@bshah At first I wanted to connect it to the TTY in the headphone jack but that would be a lot more complicated electrically since the VT510 manual isn't very clear about the logic levels

I know you are using USB.
I was responding to your toot where you mentioned "TTY in the headphone jack".
@martijnbraam @bshah

@murtezayesil @bshah oh that's what I get for responding at 3AM.

The nexus 5 has a serial port in the headphone jack you can enable by putting -3V on the mic pin.

@martijnbraam With three adapters necessary you know the Apple fans will be love it.

@martijnbraam i have honestly been thinking about getting a VT for a while now, just because it looks cool to attach RX/TX of any computer running linux that i can find to a huge CRT and do some work. if they wouldn't take so much space, though... 😂

@martijnbraam can you tell us more about your experiences with #postmarketOS? I've been intrigued about it for a while.

@martijnbraam Holy shit that's a terminal and a half. Also, nice adapter-work.

@martijnbraam On first sight I thought this would be a VGA connection, but no, of course it's a serial terminal! Congrats :-)

@martijnbraam and coax converter to ethernet

and keyboard ps/2 to usb ;)

@ok oh this definetly doesn't need an ps/2 to usb connector, this ps/2 keyboard plugs straight into the monitor

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