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Have you got what it takes to be the hunter and find as many bugs as you can in a minute? Try your hand at my submission for ! Now available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and the web!

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@marquiskurt people don't have rational discussions about things on the Internet, silly! they just start cancel campaigns against anyone who disagrees with them

Can we just stop with "XYZ bad" and just properly discuss things?

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Ubuntu Touch OTA-18 is scheduled for release on the 14th July.
We need your help with testing.
Full details can be found in the accompanying blog

#UBports #UbuntuTouch #OTA18 #CallForTesting #Mobilelinux #Opensource #Lomiri

v2.1.0 has been released today! This new update brings a new basic mini game mode and some QoL improvements on Steam, Itch, GameJolt, and the Snap Store.

Read all about it at

Managed to trim down the base request size on my website from ~5MB to ~688KB (tested with GTMetrix. Thanks @christopher !) thanks to some templates that add WebP images for all applicable images. Nice!

I got concerned for a minute. didn't want to use my custom domain for some reasons so I had to redo the DNS setup and check that the settings in YouTrack were fine. Must've been a glitch or a maintenance thing.

Btw you can also access my YouTrack at

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Hi fedi, I am going to write a guide to choose a fediverse instance. If you're on a public one, can you review it? Some hint questions, but don't feel limited by them:

- Is the local timeline active?
- Are people friendly?
- What topic do people often talk about?
- Is there a diversity in points of view or or do you feel more like an echo chamber?
- Anything noteworthy not in the about page?

Boost appreciated

(See also my notice below)

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By default, I'll credit the reviewers in the post if they set the replies as public or unlisted; otherwise I consider that they want it to be anonymous. You can state explicit otherwise.

Also, this is not limited to mastodon. Any kinds of federated social networks (pleroma, funkwhale, pixelfed,...) are welcome.

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For web developers here (including personal sites), what are your thoughts on WebP? I'm curious to know if anyone is using it or if there's a better image format I should use for the images on my website.

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A blog post about my most favourite mobile app, which is also the least used one I have installed.

If I'm gonna be trying , it would certainly help that I use then vim command instead of vi 😅

Kinda tempted to add an alias to auto change it...

Also I switched back to for true colors and fixed the colors in / . Looking better already!

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Taking for a spin. I've heard about it for a while though I'm still used to basic stuff in Vim.

If you have any good tips or tricks, lmk!

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