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I guess it's probably just very weird because I'm on both sides of the fence, instead of just Apple's side. Here's to hoping 2021 addresses some of these issues and will help give me better judgement.


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To be clear, I'm pretty much a pragmatist and try to have a setup that works best for my workflow. Having software that's open-source is a nice bonus, but I'm not going to exclude everything else or jump ships based on those kinds of values, at least for now.

I'm still subscribed to iCloud storage even though I have a small Nextcloud instance on my Pi. I still use Apple Music, even if I'm now using it in Firefox on my laptop.


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I've had little issues with Apple myself on the developer front, and I really don't have much of a reason to be so much in doubt. I even wrote a paper trying to analyze what's been going on for my own sake. But I still kind of am.


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It probably doesn't help that I have Ubuntu MATE installed on the entire SSD, but given the direction of Epic v. Apple and rising complaints from other developers, I'm not sure how I feel about where I currently stand.


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2021 is happening today. Normally, I'd get pretty excited, since macOS and iOS improvements are fun to witness. But I don't think I've felt as conflicted about Apple and the ecosystem I've been a part of before.


Biggest PITA for this is probably gonna be remaking all of the levels. The originals are in SpriteKit scene files, and not easily read under Linux. I may have to use promo screenshots to recreate them, but create entirely new levels and revisit some designs. 🤔

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I'm considering remaking one of my games under instead of . I have a little proof-of-concept ready, though not all features are up to speed with the original.

New design for is... meh. Fits well with the Yaru MATE theme but a bit too much padding for me. Would probably be better with the global menu, if it worked. Ah, well.

I forgot that the MateBook is an actual product...

Well, great, now what am I gonna call this MacBook running Ubuntu MATE? 🤔

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After a mishap in trying to clean up from a app compile mess, I decided to just start fresh and now is the only OS on my MacBook ("MateBook"?). Almost everything works well, including Bluetooth and audio.

Ahoy, MATEy! Decided to format my Mac's drive and put a dual-boot of macOS Big Sur and .

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This video that is mostly about foss software is really heart warming, for me at least it hit very close to my heart, and gave me the warm fuzzies, small projects that seem to be uneccessary can be so important in some people's lives. I don't get people that say "why do we need another x" why don't people just contribute to y instead?.

But I think Andreas says it better than I could ever do.

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“Every kid starts out as a natural-born scientist, and then we beat it out of them. A few trickle through the system with their wonder and enthusiasm for science intact.”

— Carl Sagan

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OK, time for a REAL app. After getting comfortable with SQL, I've made a really simple tasks app I wanted but couldn't find on the OpenStore. Stupidly simple, with no frills.

If it's interesting to any of you, here's the OpenStore link.

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Just received an email about what appears to be "interesting file attachment"

Don't open it.

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