I've done it! You can now try out , the game I've made for the ! Super glad to have participated this year.

Link: marquiskurt.itch.io/no-love

Join me for an today at 12PM EST as I continue to make a game for ! How far will I get today?

Find out on my Twitch: twitch.tv/alicerunsonfedora

Livestream went well today. Am planning for another one to continue for the .

Let’s make it happen! Join me at 2:30PM EST for an as I make a game for the in . Will I succeed?

Find out on my Twitch: twitch.tv/alicerunsonfedora

Planning to do an tomorrow for the (not at announcement time, but later in the day). Stay tuned for details.

Me: Hmm, I want to learn more this year.

College/game dev: Did you just say MOAR PYTHON???

Having fun with tho. Also tried out a bit for an upcoming project.

@LinuxLounge I could go either way, because the opposite will always somehow beat me. 🤷

@0PT41N I'm kind of a mix between M4A and OGG because of how Apple Music/iTunes Store works and using OGG in my projects (entirety of 's music is in OGG format).

@zeab Strange. I use the Pop Shell extension (compiled from source) on a standard Ubuntu system simply for tiling, and I believe I have icons disabled (or better yet, just no icons on the desktop). Maybe they can add an option?

@zeab Really weird. Should probably bring that up with System76.

@Zezin @pyre35 Firefox seems to be fine for me when I'm not using Safari. Only downside is that trying to use it on can be a real PITA (I've given up on that front and just use the default Morph Browser).

@pyre35 Just a tad bit, but I'm fine with changing the setting to my preferred engine of choice ().

@Zezin I just noticed the new and don't have much context about the person, but sources say he was a conservative. There's some interesting political discussion around conservatives the past couple of months.

Suffice to say, I don't have much of an opinion about him, despite that I do tend to learn more liberally.

@danslerush @omgubuntu This looks exciting and a lot more in line with what I would typically expect (I use the Mac App Store fairly often).

@criadoperez I should also mention that I do trust Apple a lot more than I do Google and don't really take any issues with file storage with them, even if the government can access it.

If I had data that I didn't want anyone seeing, I certainly wouldn't make it available on any cloud storage, even self-hosted.

@rjkershner @nextcloud Yeah, there's a calendar and contacts app available. I use it occasionally to track my classes and some personal events. Tried CalDAV sync with UT and my Apple devices. Apple requires HTTPS, and it works when I do some self-signed certs, but UT doesn't support it. So I have to use an insecure means of accessing CalDAV for it; that is, until/unless Let's Encrypt supports local addresses via Zeroconf.

@criadoperez I pay for 2TB monthly, and my Pi's storage is only 128GB. Maybe in the future...

@LienRag I don't unfortunately. I play on the desktop (specifically, macOS), and I didn't see anything in the Help section regarding mobile controls.

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