@aimee On macOS? Yeah, it's definitely a bit out of date; on newer installations, ZSH is now the default, so I'm guessing bash is still included for legacy reasons or something.

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This video that is mostly about foss software is really heart warming, for me at least it hit very close to my heart, and gave me the warm fuzzies, small projects that seem to be uneccessary can be so important in some people's lives. I don't get people that say "why do we need another x" why don't people just contribute to y instead?.

But I think Andreas says it better than I could ever do.


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“Every kid starts out as a natural-born scientist, and then we beat it out of them. A few trickle through the system with their wonder and enthusiasm for science intact.”

— Carl Sagan

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OK, time for a REAL app. After getting comfortable with SQL, I've made a really simple tasks app I wanted but couldn't find on the OpenStore. Stupidly simple, with no frills.

If it's interesting to any of you, here's the OpenStore link.


@sanchez @brandon Now we just need a symlink called "Photos" somewhere and we're golden.

@proton Sadly, no, but I'd argue that the price is well worth it. Am paying much less with Tutanota than I was with Zoho (I paid for Workplace plan for IMAP support).

@proton I recently switched my email provider over to Tutanota, and it's been pretty good so far.

@cybersi_io Nice! I'm assuming this DB is SQL-based; which flavor are you using?

I'm using PostgreSQL with Flask for my DB class this semester.

@soupglasses Totally valid. Tbh I wished Discord had native desktop clients (would love to see a well-fitting macOS client) or even allow third-party ones. Electron's fine to get cross-platform desktop apps out quickly with web tech, but with macOS Big Sur and the rise of M1, having so many of these Electron apps is nuts because the file sizes are practically doubling. Can't wait to get back into development with SwiftUI on Mac.

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Just received an email about what appears to be "interesting file attachment"

Don't open it.

@danct12 "Document created using the application not related to Microsoft Office" 😂

@joeligj12 I had a similar issue on macOS with Apple Podcasts. Somehow, adding the RSS feed to NetNewsWire and then copying the RSS link from there into Apple Podcasts worked. Weird.

@edebill @aral I don't mind the UI refresh in public Big Sur (first betas were iffy); feels more in line with other Apple platforms. I will miss the older style introduced with Yosemite, and I still miss a bit of the classic Aqua, but I'm OK with it. My only complaints for the time being are that, after updates, my Notification Center widgets disappear and I have to re-add them. Other complaint being that apps are now doubling in size because of adding M1 support.

@aral Icon consistency is going to be a problem for a while until apps adopt the new design language. Thankfully, macosicons.com exists. As for that News app container... how? I've never had that issue before.

@everlastingrocks @aral Umm, thanks? I don't plan on wiping macOS from my machine as I'm fine with macOS and VMs via Parallels. There are projects I work on that require macOS, such as Starlight (written with SwiftUI for macOS/iOS). Tbh, I think the real issue is that apps are now doubling in size because of needing to support both Intel and M1/ARM architectures. Xcode used to be, at worst, 16GB, but now it's more like 30GB. :/

@aral As someone that has a 128GB MBP 2017, I feel that.

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