@miklo @textovervideo To be fair, they didn’t ask for FLOSS stuff specifically. And again, I don’t remember if this was the one I saw months ago.

@mike As Kev stated before, Linux porters are getting _some_ help from Apple (likely including info). And even if Apple withholds the information, you could still likely reverse engineer it, even if it takes a while.

I’m not going to continue down this thread anymore, because it’s not being helpful or productive for me, rather being frustrating and stressful.

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@mike For this context specifically, I referred to “open” as “able to install other operating systems (even if nonexistent as of this point) or change security settings”, not as in “open source”.

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@mike I feel that, as of this point, we’ve made it clear to each other we have very different views on Apple, and that continuing this discussion will get us nowhere other than frustrated. I merely wanted to ask why, despite their desire for total vertical integration, they bothered to keep the Mac open and provide some aid towards Linux porters.

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@mike I haven’t seen Apple intentionally cripple or nuke the Linux community in the past under both the PowerPC and Intel/x86 architectures. I am failing to see how they could possibly nuke the Linux community under ASi given past experience.

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@textovervideo I don’t remember which one I discovered months ago, but I did discover this one: richtexteditor.com

@mike Okay? Apple may not want to help, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re out to take down Linux or screw the community entirely. While I agree that they should help in getting Linux running, even if it’s not in their best interests, this seems more like a means to just cry “Apple all evil”.

To be fair, I have had issues with them as an app developer, but a good customer experience.

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@mike With that said, even though I’ve had good consumer experiences in the ecosystem, I have had my share of frustrations with Apple as a developer publishing to the App Store, both Mac and iOS/iPadOS. There are things that I wish Apple would do to improve the developer experience, and I acknowledge that Apple is a corporation that focuses on profit first.

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@mike To be fair, I don’t recall any articles stating that Apple NEEDED to help. We could theoretically keep reverse-engineering it until we know the port works. Along with that, the M1 is more than just an ARM processor, it’s also an entire SoC.

I understand the general frustration that it’s taking a long while to get Linux on ASi, but I’m not buying into this “Apple all evil” mentality.

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New build of is up on with sync on saved sniglets, a new splash screen, and some other stuff.


@mike OK, so now I’m curious. Why, do you think, Apple would help in getting Linux to run? Or even allow booting into different OSes on ASi Macs, for that matter?

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Wordle 206 X/6


@fatboy Rather unfortunate. Been using it since the developer betas. Hoping it doesn’t get disabled in Germany…

Today ended up much better.

Wordle 205 5/6


@koreymoffett AFAIK, you can’t necessarily do it in macOS, either. You can set it up to be encrypted when making the partition in Disk Utility, though…


Wordle 204 X/6


@dakira I believe that, regardless of the options, we should respect that people will use whatever software works for them. While we can recommend others to try other software out, we shouldn’t force that opinion on to someone else. Doing so gets us nowhere and makes tech more frustrating than it should be, in my opinion.

@dakira I appreciate the concern, but this still won’t change my opinion or my family’s. I know that there are better alternatives out there in every respect, but I’m not a privacy/FOSS zealot. I’m a pragmatist at heart and use what works best for me and my family. I didn’t choose to have my family on Telegram; they did after the changes to the WhatsApp privacy policy.

Also, I don’t believe needing to collaborate/accept feedback is required of an OSS project to be OSS.

@thelinuxhive I don’t use Signal at all, and I don’t have any plans to. Telegram’s working fine for my and my family, and I trust the platform.

@dakira It’s what my family uses, and they know how to use encrypted chats and what-not. At the very least, Telegram’s clients and other stuff is open-source, so it can be audited at any time. I have no personal problems with Telegram, and I ask that you respect me and my family’s choices and not shame us for it.

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