It’s finally here! Do you have what it takes to deliver all the packages in time? Try your hand at , my submission for in collaboration with!

Try it on at

is now available in the Snap Store! Squash all the bugs with a simple `snap install bug-bounty`.

Check it out:

Have you got what it takes to be the hunter and find as many bugs as you can in a minute? Try your hand at my submission for ! Now available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and the web!

Another day, another beta. Been working on some improvements and fixes to such as better visual indicators and volume sliders. Pushed them in a new beta build today, v0.1.0-beta2.

I'm keeping an eye on this project since was my first programming language, and using is pretty fun. I may use it for a big project or something.

For a minute, I got worried that I wouldn't be able to make any games for Windows with this, but I forgot that Swift for Windows is a thing and has been since last year. :blobfoxfacepalm:

So I've been working on implementing a basic save system for today, thinking it'd take at most 2hr. I was way off, but at least there's something.

Into the void... that is, until I wake up again.

These level transitions should be flowing better.

Amid a bunch of other fixes and QoL improvements such as a field-of-view slider, settings page, etc., basic translation stuff is now in, so now can be localized to different languages that Godot supports! Currently, only English is supported.

I'm now confident in continuing this project and finishing it by the fall for everyone to enjoy. Learn more on my Ko-fi.

Success! I have nine of the levels from the game reimplemented, though the layouts are slightly different to make it more interesting. Also new HUD, pickups, and other cool stuff. Technically ready for a prerelease, though I want to add more levels.

I thought I'd get through a lot more yesterday, but I've implemented and redesigned some of the levels from the original game I designed in . New SFX, main menu, and other goodies, too.

Time to make some more, maybe with some new levels, too!

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