OK, time for a REAL app. After getting comfortable with SQL, I've made a really simple tasks app I wanted but couldn't find on the OpenStore. Stupidly simple, with no frills.

If it's interesting to any of you, here's the OpenStore link.


Join me for an today at 12PM EST as I continue to make a game for ! How far will I get today?

Find out on my Twitch: twitch.tv/alicerunsonfedora

It's been super cool running a @nextcloud instance for myself on a Pi 3 running so I can sync my school documents to my Nexus 7 in a privacy-respecting way.

Maybe someday I'll get more serious with this and slowly move away from iCloud Drive... 🤔

Had a blast racing around in again with friends. Though the temple level in the free-for-all mode kinda wacks out if it's flooding and you die while in the water (softlock)

Hoping to take care of a few things before doing a test , but I'm thinking I will start it at around 1:30 PM EST. It'll mostly be around new features for that I have been developing for a while (including ).

My recent game project, , is on sale for the ! You can get it for 20% off on Steam, itch.io, and GameJolt until Feb. 15.

Well, looks like there's some interest, presumably more than what I saw on Twitter. Alright, time to figure some stuff out for tomorrow...


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