For web developers here (including personal sites), what are your thoughts on WebP? I'm curious to know if anyone is using it or if there's a better image format I should use for the images on my website.

@marquiskurt I just use PNG. Some websites (such as pixelfed) doesn't support uploading WebP so it'd be harder for copying.

@huy_ngo I currently use PNG at the moment, though the file sizes are a big large. I suppose I could use an srcset with a fallback to PNG for now.

@marquiskurt I'm not too sure about WebP, but I know a couple of developers working on av1f. It's supported in most browsers, and from what I hear, its perceived image quality per KB is about 20% better than WebP I cannot confirm this, just basing it off the numbers thrown around in the conversations I've had with the devs. May be worth a look?

@nick I see. Looks like there's still a long ways to go for AVIF, as caniuse reports it's not well supported yet.

@marquiskurt I think it depends on what you're going for. Considering the overwhelming percentage of internet users who do so from mobile platforms, it's not a bad choice. But I suppose it all comes down to your audience. Anyway, I hope you find what you're looking for 🙂👍

@nick Very true. I wanted to reach as many as possible since I do tend to put some code-related stuff there as well. I will be keeping an eye on AVIF, though.

@marquiskurt Webp is okay. It does this blobbing effect that tends to make images look a bit blurry sometimes. Just play around with the settings until you find a happy medium between blobbiness and file size.

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