So I downloaded the 13 beta today to start doing some refactoring work. Total size of the darn thing was ~33GB. 😬

Welp, looks like I will have to continue offloading Xcode to an external SSD for the foreseeable future.

I wrote a script to hopefully make it a less of a pain when unplugging the drive. Basically kills Xcode-related processes that may prevent me from doing so.

I *wanted* to put this in a Shortcut so I could pull it up from the menu bar, but the shell script option causes to crash. I guess this has to wait until the next beta. 😅

@marquiskurt so actually Xcode took the crown from Visual Studio for being the most bloated software (beside games that is) then… nice income stream for Apple if you consider their internal storage upgrade prices.

@marquiskurt heck when thinking of it my whole Linux installation incl. compiler toolchains and office suite fits in roughly half of that size

@appelgriebsch Yeah. My entire Ubuntu MATE installation that I cloned over to an external drive only uses the same amount of space Xcode does.

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