I feel like the problem with the whole "iPad replaces Mac" situation, as he points out, is that there are two fundamentally different paradigms for UI interaction here: one from , and one from . Of course the iPad's multitasking language is going to feel extremely clunky to someone who's more familiar and comfortable with the macOS multitasking language.


And yes, for someone who's been using desktop computers, and iPad is not going to replace their current setup. That I can wholly agree with.

However, I feel that the "iPad replaces Mac" idea is not targeted towards the current day and age where one can just easily toss out a desktop computer right now and replace it with an iPad Pro.


It feels to me, more so, that the goal is to be able to have the iPad as a default kind of computer with a totally different paradigm in the future, where the iPad's multitasking language is the one that is more universally understood. It's kind of like jumping from the good ol' command line to a GUI with a desktop metaphor.


We know that the GUI isn't a complete replacement for everything; there's a reason why the terminal still exists. But a lot of people are more comfortable with pushing a visual button that typing out a series of commands, no matter how much more efficient the latter can be. There are people that still prefer using the Terminal and CLI for some things rather than a GUI, myself included.


What people really want is the current definition of a computer on the iPad Pro which has a more or less futuristic definition (i.e., macOS on an iPad Pro). And I feel that the iPad being a pro computer of the future is not that, and thus this device is not for them.

Though maybe Apple should consider making a CLI-base iPad Pro 😂


To close this all off, there isn't any research or heavy analysis going on. This is merely subjective and highly opinionated, so there's definitely gonna be some flaws here and there.


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