It's been super cool running a @nextcloud instance for myself on a Pi 3 running so I can sync my school documents to my Nexus 7 in a privacy-respecting way.

Maybe someday I'll get more serious with this and slowly move away from iCloud Drive... 🤔


I should also mention that, to get this working with my Nexus running , I had to find a way to install avahi-daemon and libmdns to ensure that it could read the local address via /#Bonjour. Works pretty well, though!

@marquiskurt You are still using with a available?!! Nextcloud is better in so many ways... Just move your data to your nextcloud folder and stop selling your for nothing to Apple.

@criadoperez I pay for 2TB monthly, and my Pi's storage is only 128GB. Maybe in the future...

@criadoperez I should also mention that I do trust Apple a lot more than I do Google and don't really take any issues with file storage with them, even if the government can access it.

If I had data that I didn't want anyone seeing, I certainly wouldn't make it available on any cloud storage, even self-hosted.

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