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This video that is mostly about foss software is really heart warming, for me at least it hit very close to my heart, and gave me the warm fuzzies, small projects that seem to be uneccessary can be so important in some people's lives. I don't get people that say "why do we need another x" why don't people just contribute to y instead?.

But I think Andreas says it better than I could ever do.

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“Every kid starts out as a natural-born scientist, and then we beat it out of them. A few trickle through the system with their wonder and enthusiasm for science intact.”

— Carl Sagan

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OK, time for a REAL app. After getting comfortable with SQL, I've made a really simple tasks app I wanted but couldn't find on the OpenStore. Stupidly simple, with no frills.

If it's interesting to any of you, here's the OpenStore link.

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Just received an email about what appears to be "interesting file attachment"

Don't open it.

I've done it! You can now try out , the game I've made for the ! Super glad to have participated this year.


Join me for an today at 12PM EST as I continue to make a game for ! How far will I get today?

Find out on my Twitch:

Livestream went well today. Am planning for another one to continue for the .

Let’s make it happen! Join me at 2:30PM EST for an as I make a game for the in . Will I succeed?

Find out on my Twitch:

Planning to do an tomorrow for the (not at announcement time, but later in the day). Stay tuned for details.

Me: Hmm, I want to learn more this year.

College/game dev: Did you just say MOAR PYTHON???

Having fun with tho. Also tried out a bit for an upcoming project.

I should also mention that, to get this working with my Nexus running , I had to find a way to install avahi-daemon and libmdns to ensure that it could read the local address via /#Bonjour. Works pretty well, though!

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It's been super cool running a @nextcloud instance for myself on a Pi 3 running so I can sync my school documents to my Nexus 7 in a privacy-respecting way.

Maybe someday I'll get more serious with this and slowly move away from iCloud Drive... 🤔

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Pro tip: When you call technical support cursing and screaming, then you threaten to take your business elsewhere if you're put on hold, that only makes me want to put you on hold so I never have to deal with you again.

Maybe rethink that tactic?

Had a blast racing around in again with friends. Though the temple level in the free-for-all mode kinda wacks out if it's flooding and you die while in the water (softlock)

Postponed: I'm not feeling very comfortable with this at the moment due to some restrictions. I might just do some devlog videos instead or postpone to next week until I know I can do so.

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