Me: Hmm, I want to learn more this year.

College/game dev: Did you just say MOAR PYTHON???

Having fun with tho. Also tried out a bit for an upcoming project.

I should also mention that, to get this working with my Nexus running , I had to find a way to install avahi-daemon and libmdns to ensure that it could read the local address via /#Bonjour. Works pretty well, though!

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It's been super cool running a @nextcloud instance for myself on a Pi 3 running so I can sync my school documents to my Nexus 7 in a privacy-respecting way.

Maybe someday I'll get more serious with this and slowly move away from iCloud Drive... πŸ€”

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Pro tip: When you call technical support cursing and screaming, then you threaten to take your business elsewhere if you're put on hold, that only makes me want to put you on hold so I never have to deal with you again.

Maybe rethink that tactic?

Had a blast racing around in again with friends. Though the temple level in the free-for-all mode kinda wacks out if it's flooding and you die while in the water (softlock)

Postponed: I'm not feeling very comfortable with this at the moment due to some restrictions. I might just do some devlog videos instead or postpone to next week until I know I can do so.

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Update: I'm deciding to do the test livestream later today at around 3PM EST instead of 1:30PM, just to make sure everything's in order.

I also did the thing and got Odysee up and running (though my YouTube didn't qualify, so I have to manually re-upload):

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Our safety and moderation tools like disabled comments, spam detection and violation warnings are unique in the fediverse.

We have been working on a new generation of safety and moderation tools that will be rolling out soon!

#pixelfed #safety #moderation #activityPub

Hoping to take care of a few things before doing a test , but I'm thinking I will start it at around 1:30 PM EST. It'll mostly be around new features for that I have been developing for a while (including ).

My recent game project, , is on sale for the ! You can get it for 20% off on Steam,, and GameJolt until Feb. 15.

Well, looks like there's some interest, presumably more than what I saw on Twitter. Alright, time to figure some stuff out for tomorrow...

Once Odysee finishes syncing my YouTube stuff, I'll be able to start making content there. πŸ™ƒ

Would anyone here be interested in seeing an from me as I work on and ? (I also asked this on Twitter) This would presumably be on Twitch at

First couple days of classes have been great. Also been working more on and with some new services and an SDK that lets you create apps for it easily via Cookiecutter.

- vm on Parallels 16 only supports OpenGL 1.4 😬
- recommends OpenGL 2+
- works well with OpenGL 3
- I can't actually test my snap because of Parallels.


Would be nice if with actually supported OpenGL. Kind of hard to tell if the GL features and related stuff is actually working properly. πŸ™ƒ

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