Into the void... that is, until I wake up again.

These level transitions should be flowing better.

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Amid a bunch of other fixes and QoL improvements such as a field-of-view slider, settings page, etc., basic translation stuff is now in, so now can be localized to different languages that Godot supports! Currently, only English is supported.

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I'm now confident in continuing this project and finishing it by the fall for everyone to enjoy. Learn more on my Ko-fi.

Success! I have nine of the levels from the game reimplemented, though the layouts are slightly different to make it more interesting. Also new HUD, pickups, and other cool stuff. Technically ready for a prerelease, though I want to add more levels.

I thought I'd get through a lot more yesterday, but I've implemented and redesigned some of the levels from the original game I designed in . New SFX, main menu, and other goodies, too.

Time to make some more, maybe with some new levels, too!

"We think Marquis Kurt readers will love this."

Bold of you to assume that people love reading me.

Now that I got a bunch of screenshots, planning on recreating these levels and adding any missing features I have from the original game.

Should be relatively straightforward, but with anything , you never know what's gonna happen 😅

(Pulled out the tablet to view these images, since I don't wanna have Xcode running. !)

So that problem I mentioned about SKS files on Linux is now a non-problem because I have Monterey installed with 13 beta.

Don't mind if I do... *screenshots every level*

Homebrew on is working properly (I think it was since yesterday), so I can finally install the gh CLI tool and the latest Bash version.


I wrote a script to hopefully make it a less of a pain when unplugging the drive. Basically kills Xcode-related processes that may prevent me from doing so.

I *wanted* to put this in a Shortcut so I could pull it up from the menu bar, but the shell script option causes to crash. I guess this has to wait until the next beta. 😅

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So I downloaded the 13 beta today to start doing some refactoring work. Total size of the darn thing was ~33GB. 😬

Welp, looks like I will have to continue offloading Xcode to an external SSD for the foreseeable future.

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