For all those wondering, I've decided to not write a blog post this week since I've considered that would be more useful to actual code rather than spend a whole day writing that I haven't done that much!

(I've been trying to switch my servers to NixOS + NixOps this week so I haven't done that much)

Sorry for the inconvenience! 😊

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New version 1.1.0: "Canigó"

- AMD support
- Nested virtualization support
- More stability and lots of bug fixes

KVM Linux VDI experience:

Bring it up with docker-compose:


I know it's technically Monday, but I started writting the weekly on Sunday.

Here you have it:

See you!

@jamesvasile Yeah, you have a really valid point there. It's decided then! Thanks!


El proyecto se llama Marmota. Tiene cierto sentido que el logo sea una marmota! Y el por qué de dos marmotas es por la idea de que son las personas que utilizan el servicio quienes también forman parte de la distribución de los ficheros de audio.

Y para el por qué del nombre:

@jamesvasile I also think that HTTP API might be the best idea, but because it would give more consistency and better error handling. That being said, I'm not sure why it shouldn't be embedded, since IPFS would be a dependency and it's nice to have control on the versions that it uses. That being said, it would be also nice to let the user choose

Hello again!

As the title says, this is the progress the project has had this week!

PS: In the end of the post, I ask the reader if they would want to design / draw the logo for Marmota!

Good night 😄

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Both #Beets and #Funkwhale rely heavily on #MusicBrainz, an “open music encyclopedia that collects music metadata and makes it available to the public”. I’ve been a MusicBrainz enthusiast and editor for the longest of time. Look up your favorite artist there, you might discover things you never suspected! <3 #IloveFS @funkwhale

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#Funkwhale 0.18.2 was released this morning!

This is a really small bugfix release that fix a broken dependency causing denied uploads, some responsive design glitches and a few minor other things.

Happy upgrade :)

@colomar @samtuke

So, how would you suggest to make this work? Have instances with just public domain music and other instances with copyrighted music? And each user when uploads a song chooses if the song was legally obtained and has rights to share it with the rest of the world?

@colomar @samtuke

Obviously instance owners are going to be able to take down songs, but they are still going to be available through the peer network

@colomar @samtuke

Also, Marmota's goal isn't just about free culture, it's about sharing your love for music. I've been collecting through the years some rarities that would probably have been lost if I didn't have done that. I don't want them to vanish and I also want to spread my love to those artists, discs and songs.

The best way to support your favorite artists is to share their work!

@colomar @samtuke

Basically, Marmota is going to be descentralized and distrbuted: there's not going to be a central server with all the music, it's going to be distributed through all the instances, so, if I want to access a song from another instance I'm going to be able to do so. The file transmission is going to be distributed, (something like typical torrenting). This makes it (theorically) impossible to stop.


In fact, there are lots of thing in common between vinyls and what Marmota is going to be.

It's all about enjoying good music with good company. During the years, I've been collecting some rarities that now would have been lost (probably).

With Marmota I also want to prevent this. Losing this music would be a really bad thing. I want to encourage people to rip their old discs and upload them.

This would prevent the loss and would make people discover good music :D

Yes, Marmota os going to be written in Go. It's going to use go-ipfs to manage the files and go-fed (by @cj) for the federation.

Golang is a really solid choice for a language nowadays


I'm not sure why is taking that much, I'm going to see what I can do about it today


This depends on the instance owner. But once a file is uploaded to IPFS, is the network that seeds the file and not just the entity that uploaded it. What that means is that the clients are also going to be the responsibles for sharing the files and not just the server

No, they aren't going to be paid through Marmota and there isn't going to be an option to opt out. If people wants to support the artists, they can do that with donations, buying their merch, buying their work or attending to the gigs. Nowadays they don't make money with music streaming anyway.

And this is on purpose, see

@daisy_todd Thanks! You don't need to code in order to help the project. Just spreading the word helps a lot!

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