Hello, World!

This is the first blog post about Marmota, a distributed and Free Software alternative to Spotify (and by extension the majority of the music streaming services)

Boosts and feedback appreciated!

@marmota I really like your blog theme, might use it as inspiration for when I redesign mine :D

@marmota "This is going to enable Marmota to com[m]unicate not just with other services like it such as [@funkwhale], but with the whole network!"


@marmota @funkwhale That wasn't really my intention. I just wanted to quote that paragraph.

Thanks for your awesome project!

@ardydo @saturnine Eu amo a sinceridade do projeto: "This is the result of my terrible handwritting, my terrible draw skills and a week inside my bag".

@danielemereb @ardydo eu tô morrendo com as fotos dos rabiscos das folhas de caderno

@marmota Really interesting, I'm excited to follow along. Good luck!

@marmota Where will the music files come from? How is licensing handled?

@samtuke The music is going to come from anyone. Since it uses IPFS, it could be the server where the file was first uploaded, but it could be your friend or your neighbour!

As for the licensing part, it's not going to be handled. See

@marmota So do you mean there's only gonna be Free music on there, or you just won't care about copyright?
The latter will get people running the servers into big trouble in most western countries.


This depends on the instance owner. But once a file is uploaded to IPFS, is the network that seeds the file and not just the entity that uploaded it. What that means is that the clients are also going to be the responsibles for sharing the files and not just the server

@marmota Okay, so then we'll be in the same situation as with Bittorrent again: The copyright holders will just sue everyone they can get their hands on.
Beating the copyright industry at their own game has been tried before, and so far they've always won by lobbying lawmakers to pass ever-stricter laws in their favor. How is a new technical implementation of the same principle supposed to fix that?

@colomar @samtuke

Basically, Marmota is going to be descentralized and distrbuted: there's not going to be a central server with all the music, it's going to be distributed through all the instances, so, if I want to access a song from another instance I'm going to be able to do so. The file transmission is going to be distributed, (something like typical torrenting). This makes it (theorically) impossible to stop.

@marmota They can - and will - still sue every instance owner over every copyrighted song available through that instance. The Pirate Bay did not offer any actual files either, just links to torrents. That didn't keep the industry from suing them over and over again.
And they will sue every user who shares a copyrighted song, too.

@colomar @samtuke

Obviously instance owners are going to be able to take down songs, but they are still going to be available through the peer network

@colomar @samtuke

Also, Marmota's goal isn't just about free culture, it's about sharing your love for music. I've been collecting through the years some rarities that would probably have been lost if I didn't have done that. I don't want them to vanish and I also want to spread my love to those artists, discs and songs.

The best way to support your favorite artists is to share their work!

@marmota For CC-licensed or public domain works, that is all perfectly fine and commendable.

But once copyrighted songs are shared, there will be lawsuits. That's what the music industry does. They don't give a flying f**k about art or freedom, they only care about money.


@colomar @samtuke

So, how would you suggest to make this work? Have instances with just public domain music and other instances with copyrighted music? And each user when uploads a song chooses if the song was legally obtained and has rights to share it with the rest of the world?

@marmota Are artists going to be able to choose not to participate? Feels a bit like “Napster, but streaming this time,” from the description.

@marmota I can't code or anything but this sounds great! Mostly an artist, but again, good luck! The least I can do is boost this!

@daisy_todd Thanks! You don't need to code in order to help the project. Just spreading the word helps a lot!

I'm more into physical music, especially #vinyl, but I welcome the initiative!


In fact, there are lots of thing in common between vinyls and what Marmota is going to be.

It's all about enjoying good music with good company. During the years, I've been collecting some rarities that now would have been lost (probably).

With Marmota I also want to prevent this. Losing this music would be a really bad thing. I want to encourage people to rip their old discs and upload them.

This would prevent the loss and would make people discover good music :D

Sounds good. The only issue will be "rights"...

@marmota can't wait to see golang use in another activitypub application. Break a leg.

@marmota the idea is decent but saying that ppl shouldn't make money doing music is a non-sense

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