When did product reviews on YouTube become retail packaging reviews featuring a few words on the actual thing inside?? 4 minutes describing future trash.

@swaggboi unboxing videos? some people use those as a sort of first impressions until they have time to properly review the product.

@JoYo It was a 'review' but the first 4 minutes and 14 seconds were just about the future trash. But also I just don't get this concept of reviewing boxes and plastic shrink wrap so I could do without all unboxing videos if they don't have time to do anything I can't do myself by visiting a K-Mart and fondling all the retail products I see (until I'm asked to leave)

@swaggboi maybe they needed to pad the view time for monetization

@JoYo @swaggboi That's why I don't use YouTube for research or learning. (In fact, I barely use it at all.)

I can skim a page of text at a glance, home in on a couple of paragraphs that look relevant, and decide whether the rest is worth reading. There are no background music or flashy graphics to compensate for a weak argument, and I block the adverts.

On top of that, a page of text is usually better organised than a video, so I'll have a clearer idea of what's been said at the end of it.

@markusl @swaggboi how do you find the text reviews?
Google and Bing both prioritize video results for everything tutorial reviews.

@JoYo @swaggboi On Startpage and Google, you can add "-site:youtube.com" (without the quotes) to exclude anything on YouTube. I don't see a way to do that on Bing or anything Bing-based.

@markusl @JoYo I agree Re: article vs video but it seems for product reviews that video remains their preferred format.

Also the joystick doesn't even work with my Evercade :psyduck:


@swaggboi @JoYo Searching for the elderly GTX 1050 graphics card that's in this PC, I find reviews on lots of sites, including Tom's Hardware. I suspect there are wasters looking to get clicks by wittering on YouTube about the colour of the box ten minutes after a product is released, but serious reviews take a little longer to check, edit and publish.

@markusl @swaggboi I just think both Google and Bing prefer to guide people to videos.
the text reviews and tutorials exist, ive written a few but you'll never see them.
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