I have used up all my data plan for this month, so my speed is capped at 64 Kbps.

This is a friendly reminder to all web developers: Keep your bundle sizes small, only ship what you need, compress your images, YOU DON'T NEED REACT IN YOUR F-ING BLOG, test your sites on slow connections and slow phones.

You using a Galaxy S22 Ultra with an unlimited 5G plan doesn't mean everyone else does too.


@kytta Open source can help. πŸ™‚ Most actions that improve privacy will also save data.

Use rather than , which is just a data-hoovering vehicle for Google.

Install the following plugins:
* uBlock Origin (get the name exactly right)
* Either Privacy Badger or Ghostery
* Decentraleyes

They all cut down on unwanted tracking and/advertising.

Finally, install another app: either Blokada or TrackerControl, which reduce tracking and ads in the OS and in apps other than the browser.

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@markusl oh, I can't imagine how much more data I would use if I didn't have all this installed πŸ˜…πŸ˜…


I used NoScript for years, and it certainly improves security, but you have to be both knowledgable and dedicated to stick with it. The add-ons I recommended here are more or less set-and-forget. However, if you want really granular control then, yes, NoScript is the way to go, and I see that it's available for Firefox on Android.


@markusl @kytta I use it all the time have set it to blacklist everything, it has made the Web so much nicer, sure its a bit annoying to get enough whitelisted to open shitty pages, but well I mostly don't use too many of them :p

@sotolf my uBlock Matrix whitelist is much better curated than my bookmarks list. 😁
@markusl @kytta

@fedops @markusl @kytta

I'm kind of embarrassed, I never got the hang of bookmarks, I just remember URLs instead :p

@sotolf Again, I used uBlock Matrix for years, but it's no longer supported, which β€” presumably β€” means that its blocklists are no longer updated?

@fedops @kytta

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@sotolf I use NoScript, bit it's a pain in the ass sometimes.

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@me it is, but most of the time it's wonderful, I forgot how slow the normal net was when I used the browser on a colleague's pc :p

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