Why don't docs go into depth? Partly, it's the curse of knowledge: it's hard for someone steeped in a product to imagine what it's like not to understand it. Partly, it's that developers find documenting stuff boring, and no one else knows how to document it in depth. Partly, it's because many readers just want to know how to carry out one task, and have a "TL;DR" reaction if you go into too much depth. And partly, it's because documenting stuff is expensive, and companies want to economise.

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this prof does wonderful work. Her weekly round-ups (sometimes more often?) of what's going on with the pandemic and how the virus buggy actually works have been extremely handy, over the past year and change. No excuse for not being educated on the topic! And she also clarifies the limits of what we know and what we don't yet know, which is important. yourlocalepidemiologist.substa

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Im Fediverse wird schon die ganze Zeit gebooste(r)t. Wir sind unserer Zeit einfach voraus.

We live on a rock that hurtles uncontrollably around a nuclear reactor that will eventually explode. In our neighbourhood are billions of other nuclear reactors and a huge black hole. Our rock actively attracts building-sized rocks by its gravitational tug. We have only this one rock, so it's *quite* important not to break it. We are the only rock-riders that we know of, so it's also quite important to protect our own existence.

We don't seem to be prioritising this as highly as we should.

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I'm not well off enough to afford personal security. Since I'm in more than one of those categories, my name stays offline.

Online harassment can feel like punching up to many. It is always, always punching down.

UK Government IT is ... rickety at best.

My GP has started texting me daily, asking me to book the Covid booster that I booked a month ago. Shouldn't the NHS know I've booked?

My GP asks me to book by tapping on a link with a 9-digit tracking code that arrived in an unsolicited text message — exactly the kind of thing I've spent 20 years telling people not to do. And now their lives may depend upon doing it.

Boris Johnson is a jingoistic, philandering, corrupt, mendacious, incompetent nincompoop.

But that's not my point. My point is that I can express this view without fear of being dragged away by the secret police and never seen again. Millions of people don't have this freedom.

Despite all the disasters of the last six years — the needless trashing of our economy, our reputation and our trade and cultural relationships, and 140,000 Covid deaths — there's still a lot to love about the UK.

The main symptoms of Covid-19 have changed as new variants have arisen. Here's what to look out for now:


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As for distros I thus have no problem with how many there are. The problem I think comes in when promoting "Linux": Don't leave newcomers having to choose a distro before they can join us, and before they even know the difference between them. Recommend them a distro rather than just saying "Linux"!

Basically what I'm saying is packagers are librarians as much as they are sysadmins, if not more so. Computers have not done away with the need for librarians, as much as we might deny it.

3/3 Fin

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It's not you — it's Spotify. Today is going from bad to worse. I can't do this without my music!


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RT @mrt
Even though I am fully vaccinated, I will still wear my mask and keep my distance, thank you. #SaturdayThoughts

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When my wife types, her fingers fly lambently over the keys, forming perfect paragraphs as she looks out of the window and talks about what's for dinner. I'm lost in admiration.

My typing is more like a drunk trying to kill a rat by throwing power tools down the cellar stairs, muttering the occasional curse.

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Microsoft anticompetitive behaviors are back, this time changing HTTPS URLs to microsoft-edge:// URIs to force open the link in Edge.

Brave has already added support for the microsoft-edge:// URI, and Firefox support is coming.


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