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Played around on with my nephew and it's like really cool? It reminds me a lot of newgrounds for a different generation. Making stuff is super easy. It has built in multiplayer support too. All of the stuff is copyleft too!

There is an inverse relation between the resolution of a video on the internet and how interesting the content is, or maybe that is just because my favorite videos are old VHS rips in 240p.

I finally got a stand alone turntable of my own. My previous unit was an old 50s console hi-fi that is stuck at my parents. Unfortunately, all of my records are left at my parents too.

So until I visit them in a few weeks I'm stuck with weird dollar bin thrift store records that all had good reason to be in the dollar bin.

weekend productivity checklist 

[x] croissant
[x] got a library card
[x] groceries
[x] met new people
[x] called family
[x] met up friend
[x] visited aquarium
[x] hot dog
[x] swept floor

I wrote a blog post explaining how I hooked up an old rotary phone to a raspberry pi. I made a random video about this last year, and somehow it has 450 views!

There is a lot of interest in using this as a guestbook at a wedding, and the DIY option could save hundreds of dollars over renting one.

In the five hours I've been in my new apartment, my cat has figured out how to open the cupboards and turn on the sink.

This weekend's project was writing a bot that records the last minute of mumble audio, and when someone runs `!clip` it sends the last minute as a file in matrix to get added to my group's soundboard.

People who use cryptocurrency/NFTs have a financial interest in convincing you they are good ideas.

Treat their statements the same as you would for any other commercial advertisement.

My biggest issue with discord is it was already a problem solved by popular open source software (mumble, irc, etc.). Open source maintainers running discord "servers" for their projects is so bizarre.

I pressed "y" to "yank" while playing polybridge, too much vim

The tech bro urge to write a blog post about their blog tech stack.

(I've been guilty)

It's been a stressful month, but next week is only two work days for me, and things are looking up

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Still, I'm gonna die on the hill that many aspects of windows are just as horrible and user-hostile as many aspects of linux. Not being able to update whenever you want, nonsense software being forced down your throat, the user experience changing after an update, stuff breaking after an update, settings hidden away in some faraway corner, registry fuckery, and of course the whole spyware thing - all those make for an imposing heap of garbage that windows users have to deal with on a daily basis.

Do you encrypt your hard drives?

Finally got my fiancee hooked on Taskmaster, and she is as obsessed as I was when I first discovered it

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