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VCs recommend cost cutting and layoffs? We're independent and 100% funded by our subscribers so we don't care what VCs say.

Earlier this year we hired Cenk to improve our infrastructure. Now we're looking for the fifth team member to help us improve the product.

Congrats Ghost on the new release! They're an inspiration to us. When I try to figure out how to manage our growing open source / GitHub community, I go look at Ghost. They've been there, seen it, done it!

It's interesting to look at this VC/market downturn from the bootstrapper's perspective. What they recommend now is what we specialize in.

We always "plan for the worst". We keep our costs low, focus on being sustainable and have a product people find useful / want to pay for.

Latest Fedora Linux OS release is out! Open source, simple, beautiful, privacy-friendly, streamlined and gets out of your way. It's so cool what open source communities can build!

(Sent from my Fedora Silverblue)

Google Analytics is making some interesting decisions lately:

- Trying to force people to switch to GA4 even when they don't want/like it
- No import of historical stats into GA4
- Doesn't want to fix serious bugs in UA (there's a big issue with realtime reporting that people are complaining about and Google said that they won't fix it)
- No plans to comply with Schrems II / GDPR

Nice to see Plausible improving for "google analytics alternative" and similar searches.

We seem to be second or third organic position. We're in "related searches" and "people also ask" sections too.

There's about 17 ads above us but still...

Google Analytics is now communicating their big change to users via email. Let's see what happens next...

Universal Analytics, the current version of Google Analytics, will be sunset and will stop counting stats on July 1st 2023. There’s no way to import your historical UA stats into the new GA4, so we've put a lot of effort into making a GA import tool ourselves.

You can now import your historical Google Analytics (UA) stats into your Plausible dashboard. You can import the stats from your first Google Analytics visitor until your first Plausible Analytics visitor.

I'll be on the FLOSS Weekly show from about 6.30pm CET tonight thanks to the invite by Doc Searls.

I checked the recent shows and guests included Matt Mullenweg plus some other cool names so now I'm nervous. Hopefully I can say something interesting (and the baby doesn't cry)! 😅

This outcry against Google for shutting down Universal Analytics reminds me of them killing Google Reader.

The difference is that this time people don't say that they love GA. They say that they hate the new GA4.

Big news from Google today:

1⃣ Current version of Google Analytics will stop tracking stats on July 1st 2023
2⃣ You'll need to export your data as you’ll lose access to your historical stats
3⃣ There's no way to import your old data into the new GA4

Just wanted to thank Google for announcing that the current Google Analytics edition will be dead on July 1st next year! And that they'll not allow people to import their historical data into the new GA4 edition is just the cherry on top 🥂🥳

Some recent milestones for Plausible:

$7k net MRR gain in February, 6k subscribers in total, 37k active sites, 10B pageviews counted in total...

And we're now a team of four after Cenk, our new infrastructure engineer, joined us! Feels surreal!

So this is how you get on those "companies to watch" lists...

The Ghost team asked me to write an introduction to web analytics for publishers, so here it is.

In my draft, I didn't mention Plausible nor had any screenshots. That's all Ghost 😍

Since these legal rulings on GA, we're overwhelmed by requests to do demo/sales calls and to respond to documents with lots of questions that can be answered by looking at our site 🤷‍♂️

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