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This outcry against Google for shutting down Universal Analytics reminds me of them killing Google Reader.

The difference is that this time people don't say that they love GA. They say that they hate the new GA4.

Big news from Google today:

1⃣ Current version of Google Analytics will stop tracking stats on July 1st 2023
2⃣ You'll need to export your data as you’ll lose access to your historical stats
3⃣ There's no way to import your old data into the new GA4

Just wanted to thank Google for announcing that the current Google Analytics edition will be dead on July 1st next year! And that they'll not allow people to import their historical data into the new GA4 edition is just the cherry on top 🥂🥳

Some recent milestones for Plausible:

$7k net MRR gain in February, 6k subscribers in total, 37k active sites, 10B pageviews counted in total...

And we're now a team of four after Cenk, our new infrastructure engineer, joined us! Feels surreal!

So this is how you get on those "companies to watch" lists...

The Ghost team asked me to write an introduction to web analytics for publishers, so here it is.

In my draft, I didn't mention Plausible nor had any screenshots. That's all Ghost 😍

Since these legal rulings on GA, we're overwhelmed by requests to do demo/sales calls and to respond to documents with lots of questions that can be answered by looking at our site 🤷‍♂️

Sometimes you're just lucky to be at the right place at the right time.

In the month since Austria's DPA ruled Google Analytics illegal, Plausible has seen record growth:

Visitors up 41% (131k)
Google traffic up 70% (21k)
Trial sign-ups up 53% (1.6k)
Subscribers up 24% (535)

I even spoke to a reporter today who's covering the story. Wants to send a photographer to take some pics but I'm wearing sweatpants, responding to many messages and trying to change diapers on a newborn at the same time too 😂

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Interesting news today! Google Analytics is illegal according to the French DPA 👀

I've now updated our post on this situation:

First came the Google Analytics news from Austria and now Google Fonts ruling in Germany...

It seems like the EU is catching up to my old post on how to de-Google a website. YouTube embeds next!? 👀

Having a baby in the house means that I'm now saying no to all external calls. It also means that I may be changing diapers during regular working hours while responding to emails in the middle of the night. Grateful that I can work such flexible hours 👶

"Can you recommend any resources for a marketer who wants to write more engagingly?"

My favorites that will give you the right mindset:

Rework by the Basecamp team
This Is Marketing by Seth Godin
On Writing by Stephen King
The Elements Of Style by Strunk & White

Interestingly, GitHub stars have little impact on GitHub sponsors. We have 10k stars and 27 sponsors.

Stars do match the overall growth trend of Plausible much better (5k subscribers).

Last year we hired Robert to help us with the tech support and development part time while finishing his CS degree and now we're looking for our first full-time engineering hire! Exciting times!

Are you enthusiastic about open source software and online privacy? Want to help us degoogle a few more sites? Take a look:

I've now updated our original post on "How to fight back against Google FLoC" with this news

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Google FLoC is dead! Google has decided to scrap FLoC after "a bunch of great feedback from the community, as I’m sure you know" 🥳

This is already our best month yet for Google search traffic (12.5k visitors, 295 trial signups) and there's six days left!

When publishing content, your traffic will increase organically with the increased demand for the topic you're covering.

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