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Went on the Sustain Open Source podcast to talk about Plausible's journey to date in becoming a sustainable open source project.

Don't think we're the most popular one (Matomo has more than a decade headstart) but we're not doing too bad either!

It's telling that one of the companies placing ads for our branded searches just announced $66 million in pre-IPO round to fund "rapid expansion of the business".

Their brilliant strategy is to pay Google $10/click to get in front of people searching for Plausible πŸ™„

It's much worse on mobile phones. 5 paid links in a row all misrepresenting themselves as Plausible!

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Our Google organic clickthrough rate for branded searches dropped from 75+% to below 50%. Turns out competitors are bidding (some even calling themselves Plausible Analytics) and paying Google up to $10.71 per click! 😑

"Google confirms bug that causes AMP URLs in Google Search results on devices running iOS 15 to redirect to the original site's page, says it is working on a fix"

Seems more like a great feature rather than a bug that needs to be fixed!

"Telegram says it added 70M users during day of Facebook and WhatsApp outage"

What a nice growth hack! Now how do we get Google Analytics to go down for 7 hours!? πŸ‘€

When people say "Google Analytics is installed on 57% of all websites", they get it from the W3Techs table. It's something that's referenced a lot everywhere so making it into the list is a great first step. Here is the full table:

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Good news: We've made it into the W3Techs table of the top website traffic analysis tools

Bad news: We're in the last spot on the table...

(For now! πŸ˜… )

We spent a lot of time and money on a fancy explainer video at the last startup I worked for. Big hopes, no difference in conversions.

Live demo is a much more effective way to introduce your product to a potential customer than trying to explain it.

"Why there will be new software winners in ten years time, and how the giants will fall"

I admire how good VCs are at building hype. And it's nice that sometimes we get included in that hype too!


So I was just invited me to a follow up interview with Starter Story. I checked the original:

September 1st 2020 - $4,557 MRR

And now:

September 27th 2021 - $38,618 MRR

What an incredible year it has been!

People that love to use your product and that believe in your mission are the greatest marketing you can ever have. No paid ad or paid influencer in the world can compete with word of mouth.

Congrats to the ClickHouse team on the introduction of ClickHouse, Inc. and best of luck!

Plausible wouldn't be where we are today if we didn't make the switch to ClickHouse. Thanks to all the creators and contributors of this great project!

What kind of crazy world do we live in where our little Plausible is more profitable than GitLab, one of the biggest open source companies? 🀣

When DHH shares nice words about you, you put it on your home page πŸ˜€

A company that takes a very strong stance is @mullvadnet Love their product, ideals, the way they communicate and how they reject the growth tricks other players use.

This post is a great response to the recent industry news too

I worked at a venture-funded startup before Plausible.

The best thing about being bootstrapped is that we don't waste any time obsessing over investors and their wants.

Instead, we only obsess about our customers, their needs and about removing Google Analytics from the web.

MRR milestones are cool and get all the attention but my favorite achievements in this journey are blog posts that make a difference.

We've had 700+ trial signups in the two weeks since publishing the "how many people block GA" post. A record! 🀯

One great book I can recommend on the topic of effective marketing is "This Is Marketing" by the legendary Seth Godin.

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