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Published a new study: 58% of Hacker News, Reddit and tech-savvy audiences block Google Analytics

Ended up being a good day. 48k people read the post and a lot of them clicked around to the different apps and other Linux resources I linked to.

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Good way to wake up! My "switched from macOS to Linux" post is trending on Hacker News. Hope it gets some people to consider the switch too.

Live stats are here

Got an email from a famous company: "We'd love to get a demo of Plausible"

Sure, I'm flexible this week. Let me know when it fits you.

"We need to get our team together. How about last week of September?"


Impressive work by noyb and Max Schrems! They're making a difference in how those GDPR banners are presented! 👏

"After sending a written warning and a “draft complaint” to more than 500 companies, 42% of all violations were remedied within 30 days"

How two and a half years in the life of a SaaS look like through daily site traffic levels.

Lesson? Keep trying and experimenting during the very long suspense. Don't give up too easily.

But what if you're struggling to write?

Write more. Publish more. Don't worry about quality. Don't try to write the greatest post ever. Focus on topics you have a lot to say about. Focus on topics you have a lot of experience with. Read more.

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The best time to publish a blog post was a year ago. The second best time is now. Content is life!

Nice to see Plausible trending on /r/privacy. We're removing GA from the web one site at a time.

As we're onboarding our first team member, it's a good time to look at how we dealt with customer support for 4k subscribers, 1k monthly trials and a growing open source community before looking for help

How did we get there? All organic, no external help, no link building.

Reached out to a few big sites last year without big results. Focused on content since.

Publishing best posts that we can and luckily many people like/share/link to those posts. Here's what ahrefs says.

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Plausible has finally made it to the first page of Google's search results for "Google Analytics alternative".

It's a good way to introduce ourselves to site owners who are not necessarily searching for a privacy-first and open source alternative...

Let's see what happens next.

One thing we're missing out on by saying no to venture funding is VCs getting us featured in tech media. We were mentioned by TechCrunch once (also thanks to VCs) but otherwise get no coverage that VC funded startups get

If you email Plausible these days, you may get a response from Robert. We're onboarding Robert to help us deal with customer support among other things. This is the first time someone else (other than Uku and I) sends a Plausible email. Exciting!

I've been doing my best to follow up with people when we release a new feature but it's not easy to keep up the habit. I'm just manually tagging / searching for emails. Any smarter ways to do this?

It's so nice to see the marketing world embrace Plausible. Over the last few weeks, we've onboarded some of the world's leading brands. Our simple dashboard is now useful enough to be used by teams of digital analytics specialists within these large companies.

Plausible continues growing fast so we're considering to add a new person to the team. Any good advice / blog posts for bootstrappers when looking to hire the first employee?

It was great to speak to Nathan Latka and share the Plausible story! Some interesting questions! There's a video recording as well

"I Spent $5,000 Advertising My Free Book to iOS and Android Engineers"

Very nice and transparent paid ads case study 👏

You cannot predict which post will do well and which won't.

I had doubts about this one. I felt it was too short, didn't have any insights or actionable advice.

In 3 days it got HN front page, 400 shares on Twitter, 1800+ upvotes on Reddit, many links...

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