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We get some interesting approaches these days. Along the lines of "We see business opportunity in privacy analytics space. We've identified Plausible as the best product/brand in the market. Take our money or we'll copy you and crush you with our unlimited resources" 😱

Coming from the WordPress world, it is so cool to be featured on the Tavern! Thank you! 😍

"Taking on the Major Players, Plausible Analytics Offers an Alternative, Privacy-Conscious Stats Service"

I consider what we managed with Plausible a great accomplishment but visiting Indie Hackers brings me back to earth 🤣

My favorite morning routine is to search social media for people complaining about Google Analytics and then reach out to them. Energizing way to start the day! 😀

After a month of trial, we're now HEY for Work subscribers.

It has solved the main problem we were looking to solve:
deal with customer support without forwarding emails or using chat.

Focus & Reply is my favorite feature. I stack all the emails and reply to them in one go.

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Bootstrapping a startup is tough.

I’m down $27k+ in savings since joining Plausible so please make decisions that work best for your financial situation.

My personal goal this year is to pay my bills and recover the lost savings 🤞

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When you don't need to "maximize shareholder value", you can make "financially irresponsible" decisions like these just because it feels like the right thing to do.

We're donating 5% of our revenue starting last month. That's $842 in January alone!

We will take some time at some point this year to decide the environmental causes and open source projects we will donate to.

Feels like @plausible growth is accelerating! 🤯

We've regularly shared our MRR numbers but I think after 10k we'll now keep it to more special milestones only.

Seems a bit too much to continue sharing every new 1k...

Main motivation for regularly posting our MRR was to show that you can grow a startup being open source, transparent, privacy-first and by only doing ethical marketing.

I hope we've inspired you to consider a similar path as it can be done! See you at perhaps 20k (hopefully)🤞

"Sorry for being one of the bugging VCs!"

VCs are now trying with a different communication approach when reaching out 🤣

As we've reached $10,000 MRR, I've now published some of the lessons learned on this crazy journey

Added a bit more ❤️ to our home page to better showcase the progress we've made in terms of popularity and performance.

Perhaps more difficult for copycats to copy something like this?

Also not sure what magic my co-founder is doing to our server but the uptime is amazing and better than 9 months ago despite us counting tons more traffic now! 👏

17 trials from Google yesterday! 🤯

May not seem like a lot but I started working on Plausible on March 16th and remember looking at Google visitor stats: 0 on 15th, 1 on 14th...

My first goal was to consistently get 10+ visitors (not trial signups!) from Google per day.

First few months with Plausible I spent 90% of my time writing blog posts and reaching out to people trying to get traction.

Now that we have some traction I spend 90% of my time on community management, PR and support talking with people that reach out to us.

I reread Rework for the first time in 10 years. It's incredible how many of those lessons I've internalised and follow while working on Plausible.

If you need a book to get into the right mindset when growing a business, Rework by DHH and Jason Fried is the one!

Curious to try something like this for Plausible and see how it goes. Right now we pretty much respond at any waking hour!

Congrats to DuckDuckGo on reaching 100 million daily search queries! 🎉

It's amazing to see a privacy-first Google alternative making such great progress! I personally contribute with a few searches every day 😀

Google algorithm gods now say that Plausible should rank on the first page for the word Plausible alongside the dictionaries

Copycats don't seem to understand that it's easy to copy a site/product/words but it's extremely hard to get the word out and build a brand that people trust.

I don't expect many of them to survive past their next domain expiration date.

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We've got an invite from the good people at Basecamp so trying out HEY for Work for Plausible customer support starting today.

The intention is to become more efficient in our internal communication when dealing with more elaborate enquiries. Plus this kind of stuff.

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