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We made it to 10k with @plausible! Took 15 days to go from 9 to 10k 🤯

All this with a privacy-first, open-source product and ethical marketing

Interesting Plausible use case:

A user mentioned our custom goals and their newsletter provider didn't match for new subscriber numbers.

They installed a captcha to investigate. Turns out their provider is inflating subscriber numbers as they don't do bot detection that well.

Not sure how common issue it is but this was one of the largest newsletter providers.

Lesson: double opt-in is worth it on your newsletter for many reasons.

Thanks all! This is what we'll go with:

We'll show the 🎁 icon in the top menu when there's something new. When you click on the icon, it opens the changelog in a new window and the icon disappears.

And the changelog will be here:

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Plausible is now installed on 9,120 sites and we’ve counted 171,811,460 page views in December 🚀

The sweetest thing about working on Plausible is that most of this market share we've taken directly from Google Analytics 😍

What's the best way to inform people about the latest features?

We share news in social but want to add something in the app too for those that don't follow us.

Something non-intrusive but useful so you can quickly see what's new and if it's valuable to you.

From $415 MRR in April to $9,116 MRR right now!

Let's see where we can take @plausible in the new year!

Nice to be featured in "9 stories about switching to an open source alternative in 2020" by

"Ditch your proprietary software for open source solutions"

Love that a site as influential as GitHub has decided to remove Google Analytics and they made such a strong public announcement about it! Makes it more acceptable for others to do the same! 👏

Nice summary from my co-founder Uku on our "boring" growth strategy for Plausible 👏

This traffic spike notification feature we introduced thanks to the Changelog team works well!

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Shared it on Hacker News too so let's see how that goes!

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Just published my lessons learned from building and growing an open source SaaS. Hope it's useful to others who'd like to venture into the world of FOSS!

Hopefully this, in addition to Google already announcing that AMP will no longer get any preferential treatment in their search results, will mean the end of AMP 😀

(Twitter screenshot for those not on Twitter)

And the link:

Went on a podcast! For those interested in the open source side of things...

Special mention to the @elementary team for their support and for helping us spread the word about Plausible! ❤️

How much funding did you take? $0

What's your marketing budget then? $0

You must have a great sales strategy? We don't do sales

You must use tons of sneaky website elements to trick people? None

You can grow without being annoying and without supporting the adtech.

Nice thread on IndieHackers: "What do you hate most about modern websites?"

Review it and make sure your website doesn't tick too many of these:

slow, popups, dark patterns, autoplay, chat widgets, fake notifications, clickbait, excess animations...

Really weird space to be in. Two more copycats today. Too bad for them. Plausible is moving so fast and our community growing so quickly that they need to speed up the copying to even have a theoretical chance of catching up.

Nice new feature on @plausible! Get an email when there's an unusually high number of current visitors on your site.

This spike was caused by someone influential sharing my article on Twitter and I found about it with an instant email notification from Plausible 😀

Love this latest update to our WordPress plugin!

Now all features are supported including self-hosting while the plugin got so much lighter at the same time. Running it on my site now too 😀

It's so cool to have people like Mehul who are happy to contribute to our project! 🙏

My review of Cloudflare Analytics.

Will update it for the new release after I use it a bit more but the issues are similar:

Bot filtering is better but still not good despite using JS
Heavy sampling makes stats inaccurate
Stats deleted after 7 days

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