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Nice new feature on @plausible! Get an email when there's an unusually high number of current visitors on your site.

This spike was caused by someone influential sharing my article on Twitter and I found about it with an instant email notification from Plausible 😀

Love this latest update to our WordPress plugin!

Now all features are supported including self-hosting while the plugin got so much lighter at the same time. Running it on my site now too 😀

It's so cool to have people like Mehul who are happy to contribute to our project! 🙏

My review of Cloudflare Analytics.

Will update it for the new release after I use it a bit more but the issues are similar:

Bot filtering is better but still not good despite using JS
Heavy sampling makes stats inaccurate
Stats deleted after 7 days


France's CNIL data privacy regulator has fined Google €100 million and Amazon €35 million for breaching rules on online trackers.

Google was fined for using cookies without obtaining prior consent and not providing enough information to users.

Nice update by GitHub today! Have enabled the very dark mode already!

There are some updates that will help us for @plausible too. They've introduced Discussions and a great feature that allows us to convert existing issues to forum threads! 🥰

Latest on the blog: How to track, identify and fix 404 error pages on your website

"Time to Say Goodbye to Google Fonts"

Self-host your fonts (or use web safe fonts) for better performance.

Good post/message! Too bad the site still uses Google Fonts 🤷‍♂️

"That's by far not only the best bootstrapped-related post, but also one of the best marketing posts I've read in a LONG time! And I really mean it. No buzzwords, easy to read, awesome tips and great explanations. It's incredibly insightful"


GDPR wheels appear to be turning. Noticed an increase in marketing teams exploring Plausible.

The reason: legal teams are starting to enforce proper GDPR banners with easy "accept" and "reject" options. The stats fall off a cliff as a result of people not giving their consent.

My latest on the Plausible blog: How to track outbound link clicks using your website analytics

Our external link click tracking method is open source (as usual) and it's easy to use with other analytics tools such as GA 😱

It's interesting being part of the web analytics niche. I've seen people "borrow" our code to create a competing product, people blatantly steal our blog posts and now a seemingly neutral looking comparison made by a competing product putting themselves as a clear winner 🤣

Reading a thread on Indie Hackers where a startup spent $9k+ on marketing this month (mostly on Facebook) to get just over 5,000 visitors to their site 😱

Happy to report that Plausible has spent $0 on marketing in the last 9 months or so!

Making open source sustainable with donations is tough!

We've accepted donations since July 17th for Plausible Self-Hosted with 3 donations so far. Thanks Sergey, Patrik and Michael! 🙏

I admire projects that can make a living from donations but it's unlikely to work for most.

"You can beat Google by putting privacy first"

Congrats to hCaptcha! "Now the Largest Independent CAPTCHA Service, Runs on 15% Of The Internet"

We're very happy with their service at @plausible, saved us from spam attacks!

When I visit a new site these days, I take a look at what analytics they use. It's a nice surprise when I see them running Plausible rather than GA! 😍

"How to use Reddit to get your first users" discovered trending on HN

Interesting thing about the external link click tracking in Plausible is that it gives a great overview of all the sites I've linked to from my posts over time (clicks on 200 different URLs tracked already!).

Now I can go in and change/remove links I don't want to have anymore.

Facebook ads reaching a saturation point? In the second quarter of 2020, ad prices declined 21% versus the prior year, while ads served increased 40%.

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