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I discovered this manifesto and other interesting stuff in a cool new project:

"Branch is an online magazine written by and for people who dream of a sustainable and just internet for all"

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"The Low Impact Website Manifesto"

Great site! Love when brands practice what they preach!

Wish they had a better GDPR implementation (option to say no). Or avoid the banner and reduce weight further by replacing GA with a private/light alternative.

Congrats to Boyan Slat and TheOceanCleanup on their first product! 👏

Sunglasses made with plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch with 100% of the proceeds going towards the continuation of the cleanup.

Apple's and Google's co-opetition: “Our vision is that we work as if we are one company”

Almost 50% of Google’s search traffic now comes from Apple devices

Google accounts for 14% to 21% of Apple’s annual profits (estimated $8 to $12 billion)

My favourite chart. If you can get search engines to start sending you relevant, organic traffic you're solving a big marketing issue for your project. Google has now sent us 100+ trials two months in a row. That's a great base to start from.

Credit to Cloudflare for responding to my post! Google never does! 🤣

Something to put on the website! 😀

"Study finds most big open-source startups outside Bay Area, many European, and avoiding VC"

"Interestingly, the company judged to be the fastest-growing on the latest list, Plausible, is an ‘open startup’..."

My Cloudflare Analytics review is now trending on Hacker News! You can follow the live traffic on my open stats dashboard

Just published my Cloudflare Analytics review. Is it a viable Google Analytics alternative?

Responded to the first VC. How did they get me to respond?

Their message said they're using Plausible, that they're fans, had some feedback and questions too. Actual users I don't ignore.

Hope they don't get the wrong impression. We're still not looking for VC funding 😃

My response to this popular thread on Twitter (link and image attached for those not on Twitter)

Crazy! It's more than a theoretical threat...

AGPL partially protects from these parasitical moves. Amazon would need to open source their modification which would probably prevent them from trying.

Relevant to our license change earlier this week:


Many of you mentioned that AGPL can still be exploited by cloud providers that can drive the authoring entity out of business without ever having to make any modifications in the first place.

Spoke to a person from Red Hat and got my eyes opened to an elegant solution to this problem. Will post about it!

"Have you thought on requiring contributions to be dual licensed MIT + AGPL? This would avoid you the need of a CLA because you can use MIT to incorporate the contribution to your cloud solution and/or to sell a license to a corporation that would like to keep their modifications closed. This would also lower the barrier to contributors due they don't need to sign the CLA"

Does anyone know or have any examples of how this is done?

Credit to Metallica for daring to try something different and "risky"! I wish them the best! 👏

I've been wondering why music and movie industry hasn’t been trying new ways to share their art during this pandemic. Such an opportunity for them.

Very excited about this addition: click and filter the dashboard by country, OS, browser or screen size! This is in addition to the page and referral drill downs we already support. Should be with you tomorrow!

Another week, another Hacker News spike! 🤣

This one for our license change announcement.

Live stats 👉

Any thoughts on the AGPL free software license?

Got minimum one case of a company taking open source code and selling it as a direct, closed-source competitor. Seems fair to prevent that kind of behaviour.

"Plausible is a newer kid on the open source analytics tools block. It’s lean, it’s fast and only collects a small amount of information. What sets Plausible apart from its competitors is its heavy focus on privacy"

Thanks! 😍

someone sent me this from the basecamp people! seems like a perfect and human friendly starting point:

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Anyone has any good examples of terms of service written for human beings?

I want to add something but don't want it to be written by a lawyer for a robot.

We have a nice human friendly privacy page so would be good with something similar for ToS.

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