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It's an indie project too and the solo-founder was on the Changelog podcast discussing RSS, social media, content consumption and monetizing open source if you'd like to learn more

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Been trying out Feedbin over the last few days. It's an RSS reader which loads the full content from a site (like feeds used to do) and lets you read tweets too.

This is a tweet, a quote retweet and the tweeted article all in one single, clean view. Very cool! 👍👀

Briefly installed Chromium to test something and this was on the welcome screen

Writing a post about our Product Hunt experience so had a quick look at what posts rank on search and wow... I may switch the topic and write about what not to do when launching on Product Hunt. So much bad and spammy advice. No wonder founders get hesitant about it!

Comparing @plausible referral sources in August:

Product Hunt: 2,399 unique visitors, 1.38% conversion rate to trial
Indie Hackers: 2,390 visitors, 0.75% conversion rate
Google: search 2,215 visitors, 3.52% conversion rate
Twitter: 2,059 visitors, 0.97% conversion rate

"I am looking for practical examples on how you have optimized your plastic surgery practice for better brand image and getting more patients from Instagram"

This just seems so wrong considering who the audience is. Should be banned.

Interesting thing about being on Product Hunt is the unexpected attention you get. We've got multiple interview requests, spam registration attempts (had to install hCaptcha) and bug bounty hunters reach out in the last few days

We're now on $4,051 MRR and 645 subscribers!

We managed to add the last $1,000 MRR in 24 days which is a record (32 days was the previous best). Will be difficult to grow to 5k as fast as that but never say never 😀

Thank you all for your support and trust! 👏🥰🙏

Seems like Medium has listened to the feedback! 👏

No more pop-ups, overlays, intrusive headers or other distractions
Custom domains are back
Improved distribution and discovery

Google Analytics: A luxury your users are paying for

How to track your website visitors without giving their data to the world’s biggest ad platform

Anyone running WireGuard VPN on Linux? I want to test it, have .conf files but Gnome Network Manager doesn't seem to accept them.

Something about it not being "a valid OpenVPN client configuration".

I thought WireGuard was now integrated in the Linux kernel by default?

If you're wondering what Product Hunt could mean for your startup, here's what we achieved with @plausible in the first 24 hours:

601 upvotes (#2 on the day)
26 reviews
Score 4.8/5
1,490 unique visitors
22 trial signups

See the stats here:

After 12 hours of engaging on Product Hunt, I may be refreshing that site in my sleep! 😂

Status halfway through:

885 unique visitors
13 trial signups

I may need to write a blog post about this!

You can follow the live stats:

We're number 2 on Product Hunt with more than 300 upvotes and so many amazing comments! Thank you all for your support! 😻🙏👏

When a person comes into our Product Hunt thread promoting his own product and you check it out and see it's basically lifted directly from our own code. On top of that, they made it proprietary too! 🙄

Life in an open source startup... 😂

Plausible Analytics is #2 on Product Hunt right now so interesting to follow the traffic in realtime.

399 unique visitors until now and 8 trial signups. You can see the live stats here

Pretty cool "launch day dashboard" that Product Hunt has! Very useful!

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Never launched on Product Hunt before so this is exciting! Doing it a bit against the "best practices":

No famous hunter
No fancy GIF and/or video
Didn't tell anyone about it before the launch

Let's see what happens! 👀

Do share your feedback please 🙏

We're finally live on Product Hunt (with a year and a half delay or so)! 🥳

Do share your feedback and let us know what you think please! 🙏

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