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We've increased our site traffic by 1,800% without any paid advertising since the start of April.

We've now shared our top 10 referral sources and some details on each with the Indie Hackers community.

Wow yesterday was insane with 13 new subscribers! Previous record day was July 7th with 10 subscribers.

$2,376 MRR and 369 subscribers now! 🤯🤯🤯

"Visit duration" metric is now live. You can dig into the "Top Referrers" report to check session length by referral source.

These are our top referral sources for the last 6 months. Average visit duration from Google search is 3 min while only 26 sec from Facebook!

There is a brand new metric available in your Plausible Analytics dashboard now 👀

We've completely left Google Analytics behind in favor of @plausible.

Google’s incentive is to collect as much information as possible from people visiting as many sites as possible—and using Google Analytics directly helps them do that.

Announcement from the @elementary team 😍

"We've completely left Google Analytics behind in favor of Plausible. Google’s incentive is to collect as much information as possible from people visiting as many sites as possible—and using Google Analytics directly helps them do that."

The EU's Court of Justice has just invalidated the "Privacy Shield" data sharing system between the EU and the US, because of overreaching US surveillance

You can now reset your site data within the website settings area of your Plausible account.

Useful when you've done some tests to make sure everything works on a new site. Then you can reset the data and start counting stats from the moment the site is public.

Customer is always right and all that but every time someone asks about Plausible supporting AMP I need to restrain myself from sharing this post. Sometimes I fail 😂

It's on Github now so let's see what the community says.

We got a very "tempting" offer in our inbox from a "marketing guru"!

Just buy an "opt-in" (whatever that means in this context) contact list from some of the other web analytics tools and spam them 🙄

We just made an update to the way we measure unique visitors without using cookies and without using persistent identifiers to further improve the visitor privacy.

Take a look at our updated data policy for details

Our brand new realtime dashboard in action right now for a website that's on the top of the Hacker News front page!

Plausible Analytics is now on Mastodon! Follow @plausible, a simple, lightweight (679 B), open source and privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative.

Thanks @celia for the "push" I needed to start this up :)

You asked for it so here it is: Realtime view on your Plausible dashboard has just been launched 🎉

Check out what's happening on your site right now. All numbers constantly updated. No reload needed.

Here's the realtime view of our own site

Thanks, @yarmo for another open source web analytics evaluation. Big differences between server logs and Javascript-based analytics.

A month ago, I promised a comparison between and + server logs.

It's finally here [0] but much shorter than anticipated simply because @markosaric already made a great post [1] with nearly identical results and with excellent explanations.

Maybe just read his instead 😎

Thanks again to @AlexMV12 for providing the bash script to use goaccess with caddy logs.


How many people block Google Analytics?

65% DuckDuckGo users
57% Firefox users
53% on Linux
21% on laptop/desktop
19% on Windows
18% on macOS
14% on Chrome
10% on Android
9% Google search users
8% on mobile/tablet
6% Bing users
6% on iOS
5% on Safari

A day in the life of a startup...

"Wanted to quickly reach out and see if you'd be interested in raising funds or taking investment"


"Any interest in talking about an exit?"


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