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"Google says it won’t use technologies that track individuals across multiple websites to sell ads"

*The announcement "doesn’t cover its ad tools and unique identifiers for mobile apps, just for websites"

"Brave buys a search engine, promises no tracking, no profiling – and may even offer a paid-for, no-ad version"

Brave is making some moves! I like it! 💪

@jonn ahh ok i'm not sure how it can work on a $0 budget. both Hey and Postmark are services that we pay for

@case2tv nice one, thank you for promoting Plausible!

we've tried to be as fair and affordable as possible while also being able to run a sustainable project that pays our cost/salaries.

as we grow and improve our infrastructure, i'm hoping that we'll be able to go even lower for personal/smaller plans.

main problem with going lower than $4 (say $1 or $2) will be that pretty much the whole amount will go to our payment processor (they take a fixed fee plus percentage of all transactions)

@jonn we're completely de-googled. we use HEY for customer support emails and Postmark for weekly/monthly email reports and emails such as this reminder. we've disabled all tracking.

for email at least there are many alternatives so not the biggest issue to de-google for those who want to

Today we're starting to send reminders to those who have outgrown their subscription plan to upgrade to a more appropriate tier.

Emails will be sent throughout the month according to the billing cycle. Haven't focused on this until now so let's see how it affects our MRR.

January was our best month by far for organic search traffic but we just beat that in 24 days of February. Thanks Google I guess 😅

I was asked to share some insights into the SEO journey of Plausible so here it is:

How we went from under 150 to over 7k+ monthly organic visitors from Google in 11 months

@iooioio thanks! we're both new to this so learning as we go... but things are definitely getting more serious in this market and i'm curious if/how that will affect us

@mauro good to hear, thank you! this space is definitely becoming very hot!

@ju until now it is for sure but it's all so small and niche still compared to the traditional analytics. it remains to be seen what happens on the wider market if someone like this comes in and starts spending a lot of money

We get some interesting approaches these days. Along the lines of "We see business opportunity in privacy analytics space. We've identified Plausible as the best product/brand in the market. Take our money or we'll copy you and crush you with our unlimited resources" 😱

@mwt it exists because it's easier for google to control more of the web with it :) but hopefully it will turn to be a failure as most signs point in that direction

Coming from the WordPress world, it is so cool to be featured on the Tavern! Thank you! 😍

"Taking on the Major Players, Plausible Analytics Offers an Alternative, Privacy-Conscious Stats Service"

I consider what we managed with Plausible a great accomplishment but visiting Indie Hackers brings me back to earth 🤣

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